Realjobprofile: What is

Realjobprofile: What is


No doubt, a job plays an important role in everybody’s life. Having a job makes you able to fulfill all of your dreams. Also, it adds huge benefits to your life. You can live with comfort and provide stability to your family as well. Moreover, the job will polish your skills and add more value to your experience. Because at the time of the interview, experience matters a lot. is the most genuine platform for candidates who are looking for a job.

This platform updates real jobs on a daily basis. So, if you are the one who is looking for a job, must-visit: Realjobprofile .com. In this article, we will explain everything about Realjobprofile. Hopefully, it is going to help you in getting a job.

What is

As explained, this platform updates jobs requirement on daily basis for Indians. For example Government Jobs, Private Jobs, Part-time jobs, Sarkari Naukri, etc. It is almost similar to It is an Indian employment website. You can say it is one of the best recruitment platforms.

However, the only goal of is to share the information very well in Hindi. Moreover, they aim to reach out to the people who are interested in the job. For people who want to know about the latest jobs, this website is going to be very helpful for them. From basic to advance levels every type of job is available here at Realjobprofile.

realjobprofile com

Moreover, even fresher’s can apply for a job. However, you will get to see a new job every day here. If still you are unable to find a job and have some job-related questions in your mind, just drop an email to the author. You will get a quick solution in a very short time.

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Process of Recruitment

Being one of the best recruitment platforms, has a simple and easy process of applying and hiring for a job. Because thousands of job seekers visit this website regularly, there is a heavy database to maintain. Its main task is job listing. This is the organization’s lead image and India’s biggest web-based worksite. Its plan of action relies upon work postings and boss marking or deceivability ads, from one perspective, and a list of references information base access, on the other.

Extra elements of the site include work searcher administrations, for example, up-and-comer administrations which are free for work searchers. Below is the recruitment process of

Step-1 Create a Good Profile

It is totally free to register and create your profile here on Realjobprofile. However, a good profile will help you to get a job quickly.

Step-2 Upload Resume

A resume is the main key to opening the doors of any multinational company. Not just on this platform, if you are going anywhere for an interview, your resume should be well maintained. Write an attractive resume headline and a perfect profile summary for realjobprofile .com.

Step-3 Apply Filters

There are so many job filters available here on the website. For example Preferred Location, Salary, Post, Years of Experience, etc. So, you can apply filters according to your preference in order to get the exact job related to your profile.

Step-4 Apply for Jobs

Now the next step is to apply for jobs that seem related to your profile on realjobprofile com. However, you can also manually search for a job by entering the keywords related to your job profile in the search bar. A big list of jobs will appear in front of you. Now click on apply button.

Step-5 Get job recommendations

After one or two days you will start getting job recommendations from realjobprofile com. These suggestions are on the basis of your profile, resume, and on previous job applications.

Step-6 Get Shortlisted

Once your profile is viewed by any of the recruiters, you can expect to get called for interviews. Prepare well for the interview and get the job. However, it would be great if you read the interview questions updated on the company’s website.

So, in this way you can get a job through realjobprofile. com. Carefully, follow all the above-mentioned steps.

realjobprofile .com

How to Take Follow Up on the Requested Job?

Getting a dream job is one of the most excellent experiences that anybody can have in their life. However, it is not an easy task to achieve your dream job. You must crack the interview as well as create a good profile. Creating an appealing profile is important so that the recruiter contacts you as early as possible.

Your profile can get shortlisted on the same day or maybe the next day or even after a week. The recruiter will contact you on the basis of your application.

If you have created a profile on realjobprofile com and waiting to get shortlisted then, check out below mentioned steps. Learn, how to get shortlisted in a very short time.

  • Wait Patiently

After applying for any job or fulfilling the application form, you need to wait for a few days for any kind of feedback. Have patience, as patience is the key to success. However, if you did not receive any revert, don’t lose hope. Because each company has its own policies and procedure for selecting any candidate for an interview.  It’s also possible that the recruiting procedure is lengthy as compared to others.

On the other hand, big companies shortlist huge profiles on daily basis, that is why the selection process takes time. In that case, you should go for a follow-up. Don’t forget to read the additional instructions while filling out the application form. There is no need to send a follow-up email if the company has clearly mentioned that anyone from their team will contact you shortly. Wait at least a week before taking any follow-up.

  • Method to Take Follow Up

Bosses esteem excited contenders for their positions, and direction is one of the least difficult and best techniques to exhibit this. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you present the picture of a frantic competitor, you will more likely than not be surveyed for it. It’s great to be excited about finding your optimal work, yet it doesn’t mean you should be pushy or unduly strong. If it’s not too much trouble, send this email in the event that the selection representative finishes their discussion and benefits on time. Something like this may be added:

“Hi [number of recruiters], I truly want to believe that you partook in your end of the week. My telephone number is [enter your telephone number], and I as of late gone after the post of [insert position title]. I contemplated whether there would anything say anything else to share or send since you haven’t answered in the north of seven days? I’m willing to give any extra data that would help with handling my application.

As opposed to obtusely inquiring as to whether the selection representative is keen on employing you, endeavor to be more obliging by changing your language and tone. In any case, make sure to send the email at the fitting time. It isn’t prudent to contact your selection representative immediately, or even following a couple of days. All things being equal, investigate what’s functioning in the models beneath.

  • Send Obliged Email or Text

Sometimes a little gesture can make huge changes. Learn to enjoy the moments without any expectations. When it comes to following up with the recruiting team, sending a thank you email may be too much effective. For example: if you receive any notification regarding your profile such as “we have received your profile” then you can send a Thank You email. For example: “Thank you for taking the time to consider me as one of many qualified applicants for your company. It would be a great pleasure for me to work for your organization. I’ve looked forward to working with you for quite some time.”

In this way, you can send a thank you email to the organization. Sometimes even the smallest gestures may significantly impact potential prospects in the long term. Maybe your enrolment specialist will find such moral demonstrations and find you the best suitable for their business.

But don’t forget that writing a thank you email or message is just a simple follow-up effort from your side to the recruiter. It does not mean that by doing so you are surely going to be selected. It is just a tiny gesture from your end for the acknowledgment of the company.

realjobprofile. com

What is the Main Motive of realjobprofile com?

The main motive of is to share all information regarding jobs in Hindi. They want to spread the job information to the people who are seeking a job and who are interested in this field. Because so many people are looking for a job, unfortunately, they are not well aware of the platforms which are providing jobs. So, realjobprofile .com helps candidates in getting a full-time good-paying jobs.

On this website, you will get information from basic to advance level jobs. For example, some people want a full-time job, on the other hand, some are looking for a part-time job. You will get to see something new regularly on this website. So, at least visit two or three times daily on realjob For any kind of queries, you can comment on their website or can send an email to the address mentioned in the contact us section.

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Conclusion: is one of the trustworthy platforms providing jobs to unemployed people. The procedure to apply for a job is very easy. Moreover, the website is designed in such a way that anyone can easily understand the process of applying and following up. Writing a thank you email is a great gesture to the recruiters. Although the fact that it might feel like a lifetime, holding up subsequent to composing your subsequent letter is the most ideal choice. Be confident and have faith in God, if you are made for that job then you are definitely going to be selected for that particular profile.


What is

This platform updates jobs requirement on daily basis for Indians. For example Government Jobs, Private Jobs, Part-time jobs, Sarkari Naukri, etc.

Do I need to pay any Registration Fees?

No, it’s totally free to create an account on Realjobprofile .com.

After how much time I should take follow up?

At least wait for one week before taking a follow-up.

Which type of jobs are there on realjobprofile?

Government Jobs, Private Jobs, Part-time jobs, Sarkari Naukri, Full-time jobs, and many more.

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