Pan India Meaning | What is Pan India

Pan India Meaning | What is Pan India

PAN India means “Presence Across Nation”. The country India is home to people of different religions. Each religion follows its cultures, and traditions. There is a total of 28 states in India. All of these states have their own laws, which the people living in those states have to follow. Their laws may be different in every state. Each state has the right to work independently in India. For example: if there is a company in any state. This company is not supposed to be in every state.

Each state is owned by a different government. But, the Central government of India is the Primary Government of all these states. It is the duty of the Central Government to maintain cooperation and coordination between all of the states. If the Central government has taken any decision or make any rule, it should be followed by the whole country. The term “Pan India” was also issued by the central government.

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What is Pan India?

You might come across the term “PAN”. Pan means “Presence Across Nation.” Pan is an important term for every citizen of India. Pan is related to each citizen living in India. Many people understood it wrong. Some people think that pan stands for the permanent account number. But this term is totally wrong. The actual Pan India meaning is present across the nation. Pan means one person or the citizen of a country can work at different places in that country.

For example, there is a company named “Dominos” in Mumbai, but expanding the Brand or company in other areas of the same country. A company having PAN India means, there are so many branches of the company in the same country. These days most companies prefer to register themselves as a Pan India body. So that they can spread their business anywhere in the company.

What is Pan India Meaning?

In the corporate world, there are two different meanings of PAN India. E-commerce companies and headquarter company having PAN can use it in two different ways.

  • An e-commerce company based in any city or state of India. With the Pan certification, the company can conduct all the operations via E-commerce delivery in the whole of India.
  • Any other company headquartered in India, spreading their branches in East, West, North, and South parts of the country using PAN India.

Besides these two ways, any company or business can use Pan to justify the customers about their presence across the whole country. 90% of companies providing services in India have Pan India Body. Any company operating its services without Pan India is surely illegal.

How Does Pan Card Look Like?

It is card same as your credit or debit card. There is a unique Pan number on each Pan Card. This unique number is made up of 10 digits alphanumeric characters. The first five letters of the Pan number are characters the other four are numeral and the last one is a letter. The fourth character explains the type of holder of the card.

E-Pan is called the digital version of the Pan card. Basically, e-PAN is a valid proof of PAN. Everybody knows about the importance of a Permanent Account Number or PAN. To fill the income tax returns it is one of the most important documents. So, if you don’t have Pan till now apply for it today only.

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