Importance of a Future Value Calculator 

Importance of a Future Value Calculator 

The worth of a present asset at a future date based on an estimated rate of growth is called future value (FV). External economic forces, such as inflation, might, nevertheless. These have a negative impact on the asset’s future worth by degrading its value. It is done with the help of a future value calculator.

Recognizing Future Value

The FV calculation allows investors to anticipate the amount of profit that may be made by various investments with differing degrees of accuracy. Because the amount of growth created by keeping a certain amount in cash would likely differ from the amount gained by investing that same amount in stocks, the FV equation is used to evaluate numerous possibilities.

Depending on the type of asset, determining the FV might be difficult. Furthermore, the FV is calculated using the premise of a constant growth rate. When money is put into a savings account with a guaranteed interest rate, the FV is simple to calculate. Investing in the stock market or other volatile securities, on the other hand, might be risky.


The worth of a present asset at some point in the future, depending on an estimated growth rate, is called future value (FV).

  • Using the FV formula, investors may reliably estimate the return on investment.
  • Because of market volatility, determining the FV of a market investment can be difficult.
  • The FV of an asset may be calculated in two ways: using simple interest or using compound interest.

To condense the discussion, the future value idea assists individuals in estimating how much their savings and investments will be worth in a few years. A future value calculator, which may be found on a variety of websites. It can assist people to determine if the value of their savings is sufficient to pay for future responsibilities. This future value calculator can assist you in determining the remedial action to be done. Such as raising your savings, extending your tenure, or even taking on greater risk. The risk in order to achieve higher returns. You can use a cagr calculator to check the values.

Is it possible to compute the future value in monthly increments?

In general, there are two methods for calculating the future. The future value of a lump amount is the first, whereas the future value of an annuity is the second. You simply compute the future value of a single primary amount in a lump payment. In annuities, on the other hand, the adjusted future value of a series of flows is calculated yearly, quarterly, or even daily.


The key principle of time value underpins the future value calculator. There are two reasons why money has a time value. Inflation affects every economy, which implies that even if you do nothing, your money will be worthless after a year. If inflation is 5%, it will take Rs.105 at the end of one year to equal the worth of Rs.100 now. The first feature of temporal value is this.

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