Your Go-to Guide to Buy Best Inverter Battery

Your Go-to Guide to Buy Best Inverter Battery

Which is the best inverter battery? The answer to that can be quite elusive. Simply put, a battery can only be considered the best inverter battery if it meets your specific energy requirements. As consumers, all of us have different requirements. One size fits all doesn’t hold true in the case of inverter batteries. A battery that might be good for person A, isn’t necessarily the best fit for person B.

So, how you do dial down to the best inverter battery? Well, there are a few parameters that you must always keep in mind while buying batteries:

Verify your Load Requirement

First and foremost, you need to figure out your load requirement. As in how much load will your appliances be putting on the inverter while running off the auxiliary power during an outage. The inverter size can be calculated in VA. If we add all the load requirements of a household and take it as X. We can use this formula to arrive at the inverter size which will be suitable for the household.

Inverter size in VA = X / (0.84 x 0.8)

Here, 0.84 is the Power Factor of the Inverter, and 0.8 is the inverter efficiency.

Note: consider an inverter bigger than that calculated figure.

Type of Battery

Next up, you need to decide whether you want a Gel, Tubular, or flat plate battery. Depending on your requirement and the power cut situation in your area, you need to make that choice as they all come with their unique features.

  • Gel Battery: Environment-friendly batteries with no harmful release of fumes and gases, and zero spillage risks; these batteries are perfect for homes with kids and the elderly. They are the best inverter battery if you are someone who wants exceptional power backup with a reduced carbon on the planet.
  • Tubular Battery: These are larger batteries and require more space. They come with heavy load handling capability and running all of your appliances using these shouldn’t be a problem. They are best suited for long and frequent power cuts for bigger households. So, if you live in an area where long and frequent power cuts are the norm, then these would make the best inverter battery for your household.
  • Flat Plate Battery: These are relatively compact, and best for smaller homes with less space. They are highly efficient batteries designed for frequent power cuts of shorter durations. Making them the best inverter battery for smaller homes with frequent short power cuts.

Service Life and Maintenance Costs

The best inverter battery comes with exceptional service life and requires next to no maintenance. However, to find out which batteries are performing at their peak even during the toughest of situations, you will need to read up on verified customer reviews. Moreover, do a little bit of digging around. That way you will be able to dial down to only those batteries that have been known to perform like new even years later.

Getting the best inverter battery isn’t that difficult when you know the factors that make those batteries the best in the market. So, by combining your budget with the value that the battery’s offering for that money, you can easily a battery that ticks all the right boxes.

One last tip always buys batteries from reputed manufacturers if you want the highest quality built and performance. Luminous has a range of best inverter batteries across a range of budget. However, power options allowing you quickly dial down to one that meets your requirements. They are known for their exceptional level of service and quality checks to come up with products that are a tad above the rest in the market.

So, if you are really looking for the best inverter battery for your home, then do check out their complete lineup of inverter batteries across the Gel, Tubular, and Flat Plate varieties!

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