Factors to Keep in Mind When Building a Storage Shed

Factors to Keep in Mind When Building a Storage Shed

The decision to build a storage shed in your backyard comes with many benefits. You can finally have the free space for storage and take care of your clutter. Not to mention the boost in property value that you’ll only notice after building it.

In fact, storage sheds are now being used for corporate purposes.

However, the process of building or buying a storage shed required serious thought. There are several factors involved and you cannot overlook their importance.

Even if you know you can get a shed for sale in Harrisonburg Virginia, you have to make up your mind. You must know which type of storage shed will be best for you. And if you don’t know how to build or buy one, we have a comprehensive guide that’ll help you out.

Continue reading to know about the factors that you must keep in mind while building a storage shed.

Determine Storage Needs First

The very first step that you need to take is by determining your storage needs. Without this, you cannot understand what you need and what type of shed you should get. Instead of going all in, we recommend you sit back and evaluate your needs.

A good starting point is to think about what things you’ll be putting in your storage unit. Then pay attention to your future needs and long-term usage.

This will help you decide a number of things, including the size, material, and style of your storage shed.

Know the Zoning Laws

Your local zoning laws have an impact on your decision to build a storage shed. In any case, you need to abide by these laws to avoid any confusion. That’s why we recommend you should ask your city officials before starting building a storage unit.

Usually, the zoning laws define the size and dimensions of your storage shed. Once you know about these laws, you will know your limitations and can make a decision accordingly.

Keep in Mind the HOA Rules

The HOA (homeowner’s association) rules are another limitation that you have to deal with. The most association has predefined rules about building a storage shed in your house.

This is related to the distance and how far you can build one from your property line. Normally, you can have a storage shed 3 feet away from your property line.

Define the Size of the Shed

After taking into consideration the local rules, you have to come up with the ideal size for your shed. You can build a storage unit as large as you want as long as it does not violate the rules.

However, you must use your space wisely if you want to have a lawn as well. The ideal way is to calculate the total available area. Then decide on the size of your shed or reduce its size depending on your lawn requirements.

Don’t Forget the Foundation

Every good storage unit starts with a foundation and yours should too. The foundation of your storage unit can keep it safe and secure from external factors. This not only eliminates the chances of rot and corrosion but also prevents the damage caused by dirt and moisture.

Some of the common foundation materials are compacted gravel, concrete blocks, and pressure-treated timber.

Pay Attention to Flooring

Flooring is often considered an optional factor when it comes to storage sheds. This can improve the overall quality and aesthetic value of your storage unit. But the flooring also raises the cost of your storage shed.

Choose the Right Materials

Storage sheds can be built from a number of materials. But you must pick the material after evaluating your budget, storage needs, and local weather conditions.

Some of the most commonly used shed materials for a storage unit are listed below.


Metal is an inexpensive material choice for building a storage shed. It is an economical choice for budget users who don’t need much customization. You will have protection against insects but may have to bear rust during the rainy season.

Wood (Timber)

This is the most popular and commonly used material for storage construction. The reason behind is that wood has aesthetic value and is also durable building material. Moreover, you can customize it as per your storage needs.

But you should know that wood is an expensive material and may cost you a premium. It is prone to insects and rotting while you may have to live with the peeling. Another drawback of using wood is that termites and carpenter bees can damage it.

Plastic (Resin)

If you are looking for a cheap building material that can last for a long time, go for plastic. It does not rot, rust, or peel and is durable as compared to metal. However, it is hard to customize the plastic or resin and you’ll only get what you pay for.

We recommend you buy high-density polyethylene plastic to build a storage shed.

Galvanized Steel

If you are living in a harsh climatic region, we recommend you go with steel. This is a durable material which is a bit expensive but worth the money. It does not rot, can resist moisture, and can last long for years to come.

Pick a Style for Your Storage Shed

There is no use in having a storage shed without giving it a nice aesthetic touch. Although you can build a storage shed as per your wish, there are some styles that are more common. These are the types of storage sheds that are popular and available in various sizes.

Here are some of the most popular storage shed styles.

Studio Shed

As the name gives it away, this is a studio-style shed that you can also use for other purposes. People often use studio storage sheds either as a home office or living space. But you should know that building a studio shed is expensive and may cost you extra.

A-Frame Shed

A-frame storage sheds are for those who want larger spaces to store their equipment. You can get these with almost any material and can build them in any size.

Most people like the A-frame shed because of its style. The sloppy roof that goes from one end to the other fits the name A-frame. These often have two or more doors and can come with a window.

Barn-Style Shed

These are storage sheds that mimic the design of a barn. They have two or more doors along with the windows and are very common. The windows on one or both sides give them a touch of barn.

You can build barn sheds according to your storage needs. The best part is that they are also available in the market in various sizes.

Final Note

Building a storage shed can be daunting if you don’t know the basics. But you can start by defining your storage needs and build one after consulting with the local authorities. Your local storage shed seller can also guide you if you want to build one or buy one.

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