Top 5 Agro Chemical Stocks in India: Should you Invest?

Top 5 Agro Chemical Stocks in India: Should you Invest?

Investing in agro chemical stocks is a smart move for those looking to grow their money. Agro chemicals play a crucial role in agriculture, helping farmers enhance crop yield and quality.

In India, where agriculture is a backbone, investing in the top agro chemical stocks can be a promising financial choice.

This guide will highlight the top 5 agro chemical stocks in the country, offering a simple and effective way to enter the world of agricultural investment for potential growth and returns.

1. Chemfab Alkalis

Investing in Chemfab Alkalis Limited (CCAL) is a wise choice for agro chemical stocks in India. CCAL was the first to make Chloralkali using a special plant in the country. They’re a top chemical company in India, known for caring about the environment and having a diverse workplace.

With a history of constant improvement and investments, CCAL remains a leader, always staying ahead in technology. Their dedication to quality has made them a significant contributor to the country’s chemical landscape.

  • Chemfab Alkalis stock price: Rs. 390+ (As of Jan ’24)
  • Market cap: Rs. 578.24 Cr

2. Jayant Agro-Organics

One good agro chemical stock to think about is Jayant Agro-Organics Limited. They started in 2000 and have a high-tech unit for crushing castor seeds in Gujarat.

Gujarat is a big area for growing castor seeds in India. They make 75% of the country’s castor seeds there. The plant is close to Kandla Port, so it’s easy to send out bulk oil.

In 2013, a big chemical company called Arkema joined forces with Jayant Agro-Organics in a project called Ihsedu Agrochem. Together, they work on making different types of castor oil for industries.

  • Jayant Agro-Organics stock price: Rs. 270+ (As of Jan ’24)
  • Market cap: Rs. 831.75 Cr

3. Balaji Amines

Balaji Amines Limited (BAL) is a top company in India that makes special chemicals called aliphatic amines, starting in 1988. They saw a growing need for these special chemicals. They began by making methylamines in 1989 and later expanded to create ethylamine and other related chemicals.

BAL keeps making more of these chemicals by improving how they do things, and providing high-quality products at good prices.

Making these chemicals involves a special process that only a few companies know, and BAL is one of them. They even made and improved their own process in India.

  • Balaji Amines stock price: Rs. 2,400+ (As of Jan ’24)
  • Market cap.: Rs. 8,118.56 Cr

4. Meghmani Organics

One of the best agro chemical stocks to invest in India is Meghmani Organics Limited. It started as Gujarat Industries in 1986, making pigments. Because it did so well, by 1995, it became a joint stock company named Meghmani Organics Limited.

Now, besides pigments, it also makes pesticides. Meghmani is famous in India for its great success in business and has won many important awards for it.

So, investing in Meghmani Organics Limited can be a good idea for people looking to invest in agro chemical stocks.

  • Meghmani Organics stock price: Rs. 80+ (As of Jan ’24)
  • Market cap.: Rs. 2,238.73 Cr

5. Super Crop Safe

Super Crop Safe Limited started as a small trading company in Gujarat in 1987. Later, on January 16, 1992, they decided to change and grow. A special resolution was passed, and by March 20, 1992, the name change was official.

This company, now known for making pesticides, began marketing products from M/S Super Industries, another company in its group. Super Crop Safe Limited is famous and considered one of the best chemical companies in India.

  • Super Crop Safe stock price: Rs. 15+ (As of Jan ’24)
  • Market cap.: Rs. 61.17 Cr


Investing in these top 5 agro chemical stocks in India is a wise move for those seeking growth in the share market. These stocks, vital for agriculture, present a solid investment opportunity.

To begin your journey, consider using the user-friendly Dhan trading platform, making it easier for you to invest in share market and potentially reap the benefits of the booming agro chemical sector.

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