Where to Find Your Ford VIN

Where to Find Your Ford VIN

As a vehicle owner, it is vital to realize where to discover your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) just as you have an overall comprehension of what it implies. VINs have been significant for a very long time and are utilized in an assortment of circumstances.

Are you wondering what the Ford VIN number is? If you are a new vehicle owner, it is a valid question for you. A VIN number is a 17-character string that is a combination of numbers and letters. It can be understood as something similar to a fingerprint of the vehicle. 

A VIN number is unique to each vehicle ever manufactured after 1980. You can read or understand a VIN number by searching it in a VIN lookup tool. An experienced VIN lookup says a lot about the vehicle, like where it was manufactured, when it was made, if any service record exists, etc. 

VINs are utilized to figure out which vehicles are remembered for reviews just as determine issues to have dashboard notice lights, among others.

Each VIN is totally extraordinary and needed for enlisting new or used car buyers as the organizations that handle those enrollments are answerable for approving those buys.

Where to Find The Ford VIN Number?

The Ford VIN number can be located in a few different areas of the car. The manufacturer embosses on various locations so that it can be easily accessible, and there remains no chance of losing it. 

You can find the VIN number on any of the following locations:

  • The Car Door

More specifically, the VIN is often located on the frame of the driver’s side door. You can just look at it by opening the door and looking near the frame. You will find the sticker with the VIN number written on it. 

  • The Windshield

You can locate the VIN number on the lower driver’s side corner of the windshield of your vehicle. You can see this one either by sitting on the driver’s seat or standing outside the car just next to the driver’s seat. 

  • The Door jam 

You will find the VIN number embossed in a sticker on the door jam. You can see it by just opening the door and looking underneath where the side-view mirror would be located if the door was shut.

  • The Engine Block

Another place to find the VIN number is near the engine block. You just need to open the bonnet of the car and look around the engine block. You will find the VIN number plate embossed on the engine block. 

  • The Rear-Wheel Well

The following location you can check for finding the VIN number is the rear wheel well. For studying this location, you need to go to the rear wheel of the driver’s side. Then squat down and look inside. You will find the VIN number plate on that wheel well. 

  • Under The Spare Wheel

The last location to look for the VIN number in the car will be under the spare wheel. Whether it’s for your Ford truck or sedan, you can search for the spare tire. You will find it in the trunk. For getting the VIN number, open the trunk and lift up the spare wheel; you will be able to locate it right there. 

  • The Purchase Document

Other than the car itself, you can find the VIN number in some of the important documents of the vehicle. The purchase document is the first document you get while purchasing the vehicle. As the VIN number is the identity of the car, you will surely find it in the purchase document. 

  • The Registration Letter

Another important document of the vehicle is the registration letter. You will have the VIN number of your Ford printed on the registration letter of the car. 

  • The Insurance Certificate

Each and every vehicle is insured individually. The VIN number is a key to check for which vehicle particular insurance has been taken. Hence, you will find the VIN number in the insurance certificate as well. 

These all are the major locations where you can find the VIN number of your Ford. There may be a chance that you don’t find it in one or two of the locations in the car, but you will surely find it in the other locations. 

The locations sometimes vary on the manufacturer as well as the model of the vehicle. But you need not worry as you will find it in one of the above locations for sure. 

What Next?

Now that you have found your Ford VIN number. What to do next? You need to read or decode it. There is a way to read the VIN number following steps through the guide. Well, there is an easy way out. 

You can decode the VIN number using a suitable VIN decoder. Ford VIN Decoder is the best decoder for your Ford VIN lookup. It will provide you with a detailed report of your Ford. 

For understanding the VIN number, you just need to open the Ford VIN decoder. You need to enter your Ford VIN in the search box on the webpage of this decoder. Now press Search and wait for a couple of minutes while it fetches the data.

Ford VIN

It will provide you with all the information about your Ford, including the manufacturing date, the place of manufacturing, the site of assembly, style and type of engine, vehicle history, maintenance records, and more. 

You can understand and know more about your Ford with the help of the VIN number. 

End Notes

You can find your Ford’s VIN number at various locations, as mentioned above. You can discover any of the locations to get it. Once you get the VIN number, now you can use it to disclose all the material facts about your Ford. 

You can check the history of the vehicle, its theft records, maintenance records, records if any accident ever happened, safety and maintenance recall, and more. In short, you will be able to know your Ford in a much better way than ever. 

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