9 Easy Natural Fall Decorating Ideas

9 Easy Natural Fall Decorating Ideas

We all know that feeling when the air feels crisp, the temperature drops, and the leaves begin to change color. It just makes you want to cozy up next to a fire with friends to kick off the cold-weather season -autumn has arrived!

If you like to keep your home design seasonally inspired, make sure to check out our nine favorite fall decor ideas below so you can keep your home up to date and welcoming!

1. Pumpkins and gourds galore

A staple of fall decorations is and has always been pumpkins. Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pies, pumpkin spices, and everything pumpkin simply screams autumn.

Pumpkins are great for more than just carving though. You can paint pumpkins for an artistic touch, or arrange them for simpler porch decoration. Keep the pumpkin theme rolling by placing small pumpkins in unexpected places throughout your house!

2. Baskets filled with fall

Woven baskets are another great tool for carrying the fall spirit into your home. Hang baskets in a creative arrangement on your wall for a unique and rustic touch, or fill baskets with fall-themed items like mini gourds, apples, wheat sheaves, and dried corn husks. Place your fall baskets strategically on a shelf, a countertop, a coffee table, or anywhere for people to see and appreciate.

3. Plaid throw blankets

Throw blankets are a great way to make any living space more comfortable and welcoming, and that’s especially important during the fall season. Amp up your throw blanket game a few notches by replacing solid colors with plaid patterned throw blankets.

No matter what time of year it is, plaid says, “fall,” so make sure you include it! Keep a few folded and ready for use out in the open, use them for a fall-themed dining room table cloth, or use them to cozy up your reading nook.

4. Grapevine wreaths

Some say that wreaths are only for the holiday season, but we say they can be used all year long, and for a nice fall flare, make sure you pick up or easily make a grapevine wreath for your front porch! Your grapevine wreath will scream, “harvest season.”

You can hang one on your front door, on a wall inside your home, or make mini grapevine wreaths to use as cutlery holders for your autumnal dinner party.

5. Fall-themed vignettes

Vignettes are a fun and easy way to emphasize a home design theme. Whether you set up your fall vignette in the entryway or on your dining room table, it’s sure to spark a bit of inspiration in your guests.

You can either use a basket tray or no base at all. Fall items you could use to arrange your vignette include pine cones, wheat sheaves, mini pumpkins, fall-colored flowers, corn husks, and the list goes on!

6. Warm up the fireplace

Once the cold weather hits, the best thing to do is grab some firewood and get your fireplace going, but before you do that, make sure you add some fall warmth with a little decorating.

Candles always add warmth, and function well to accent just about any mantelpiece. Whether you create a whole new vignette, hang a pair of antlers, or a new piece of artwork, changing up the fireplace is sure to introduce some fall feeling into your home.

7. Decorate with wheat sheaths and pine cones

If you’re trying to decorate on a budget, you might be able to look no further than your own backyard! Simply gather pine cones, brush them clean, fill decorative bowls with them, and place them throughout your house.

Bring that autumnal feeling to your coffee table, a breakfast nook, or dining room table. Easily fill empty space on your bookshelves with a few spare pine cones, or fill several mute-colored vases with wheat sheaves to place in an empty corner, on top of the fireplace, or anywhere else you’d like!

8. Warm colored rugs

If you’ve never had a nice rug in your home, the fall season is the perfect time to do it! Rugs can tie a room together, bring warmth, comfort, color, and texture.

They cover cold, hardwood, and tile floors, making the room quieter, and give your toes a place to warm up! The fall season gives everyone a chance to appreciate rustic design, so antique rugs or fall-colored rugs will be your best friend. Learn more about antique rugs by reading this article on Lawrence of La Brea.

9. Fall coasters

An easy way to accentuate the fall theme is to break out your fall coasters when guests visit. Simply cut cross-sections out of a small log to create wonderful rustic coasters for your dinner or coffee table!


Autumn is finally here, so make sure you follow these nine decorative ideas to turn your home into a fall retreat!

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