Taca Celic – What is Taca Celic and what are the Different Ways of using it?

Taca Celic – What is Taca Celic and what are the Different Ways of using it?

The Taca celic is the name of a union of taxi drivers. This organization is popular in many Latin countries including America. Taca is an American Latin Spanish word. However, the word “Taca” means slow. Thus, the drivers in this TACA Company are supposed to drive slowly and safely. The drivers drive vehicles in such a way if they were crossing a winding mountain or narrow roads people will not be afraid at all. Basically, Taca local is not a cab company. If you are thinking it, then your imaginations are totally wrong. The drivers on taca cabs are fully independent drivers. They are not working under any company.

As the drivers are local, so they have good local knowledge. Because it’s their job to travel the tourists to famous places. That is why the passengers from different countries prefer to choose Taca Celic when they travel to any new country. These taxi drivers have good knowledge, especially about the best hotels and airports. There is one more reason behind approaching taco cabs i.e. comforters. In tacan local, the drivers have organized themselves into small groups and they have settled them on prices. In Latin America, these taxis are very famous. The drivers running these taxis are known as “Tacos”.

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Taca local

On the other hand, the word “celic” means heavy. There are two types of taxis in some cities in America. One is a taxi company while another is taca local. The local taxis belong to the fleet category. On the other hand, taca celic belongs to taca local category. Let’s read in more detail about Tata Celic.

What is Taca Celic?

In Mexico, Taca Celica is a very popular car. This car is small in size like Tata Nano. It is a fuel-saving car as well as cheap in price. This car is perfect for riding in local towns. There are only two doors in this car. Moreover, the engine is also very small. This car is a perfect choice for the people who want to travel around the town while spending less money. Basically, it is a budget-friendly car.

History of Taca

Taca celica cars were built in Mexico in the year 1960. Look of the car was designed by José Luis de la Rosa. These are available only in the Latin American market. This is a sports car, but not expensive like others. Instead, it is affordable, the size is also small. Takes less space in the parking area. Taco cars were only designed to serve in Latin America.

Originally, the idea behind designing Taca Calica was to use it for racing purposes. But now this car is being used as taxies. The lightweight materials used in taco gave it a deft vibe. Now it is available in a variety of shapes and models.


What is the look of Taca Celica?

The look of Taca Celica is similar to a truck. But it is small in size. You can say it is a small size truck. Like each truck, it has also a small compartment on the back side. Four passengers can sit in that compartment. Apart from this, there are two more seats in taca celica. One seat is for the driver and the other is for the passenger. These trucks can also be used for transporting small size materials.

To drive taca celica you just need a simple car driving experience. There is no special experience requirement to drive taco cars. Celic is very simple and straightforward. Anybody can utilize its functions. The color of trucks is always white and blue and the cabs always come in white color.

What Makes Taco Cabs Stand Out From Other Pickups?

The taca celica is one of the most popular car brands in Mexican countries. Their look may resemble other pickups but the features are totally different and unique. These features make them stand out from other pickups. Celica cars are designed and dedicated to Mexican traditional music. That is why their look is similar to a guitar.

However, it indicates that the sound produced by the car is warmer as compared to American pickups. Additionally, the screws used in the car are wider than the screws of other pickups.

taca celica

PROS and CONS of Taca Celica

Each car comes with its pros and cons and so taca has also its pros and cons. Below, we have mentioned all of them.

  • Taca cabs are budget-friendly. The American government gives subsidies on purchasing Taca Cab. That is why the cabs are easy to buy.
  • There is no taxi permit required for driving these cabs. Therefore, these taxis can be driven on any street, there is no restriction on this.
  • No time limit is assigned to drive taca cabs. They can run on the road anytime whether it is day or night.
  • These cabs can arrive to pick you up, even in any restricted area.
  • People who can’t afford to travel in luxury taxis can prefer taca cabs. They charge a very low price. So, this is the best option for middle-class people.


  • Taca cabs are made in such a way that they can’t run at high speed.
  • Because of the slow-running function, the driver should be having at least 5 years of car driving experience.
  • Driving running taca cab on speed may increase the risk of an accident.

Taca Celic Fare Collection

Whenever you travel in taca cab the driver will ask you to pay the amount. The amount to be paid is according to the distance between the place from which you booked it and the destination. Fare is paid to the driver. After that, internally the money is split between the local and the driver. The main responsibility for collecting and depositing the money is of locals. Local are the ones who works from a remote location. They can’t provide the services by sitting at home.

It depends on each local from where they can afford to work. They might have an office or P.O. Box. However, they might be from a garage.

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Taca Celic Cabs


What is Taca Celic?

The Taca celic is the name of a union of taxi drivers. This organization is popular in many Latin countries including America.

In Which Country Taca Cabs are Available?

Taca Celica cabs are available in the Latin American market.

Are Taco Cabs on the whole globe?

No, they are in Mexican cities only.

Who Designed Taca Celic Cabs?

The car was designed by José Luis de la Rosa.

In which year Taco Cabs were built?

Taca celica cars were built in Mexico in the year 1960.


If you’re interested in buying or restoring a Taca Celica, then it is important for you to have all the knowledge about this car. We have mentioned each and every little information about which you be aware. So, if interested read the complete article.

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