Top 4 Traits to Look For in an SEO Agency in Washington DC

Top 4 Traits to Look For in an SEO Agency in Washington DC

The economy of Washington DC faced a major storm when COVID-19 rampaged the city. According to the DC Policy Center report, almost half of all small businesses had to cease operation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But new businesses also sprouted during the tough times. A separate report from DC Policy Center shared that online retail establishments and other remote back-office support providers boomed during the pandemic. These businesses would require the assistance of a trustworthy SEO company Washington DC to thrive during these difficult times.

Since there are plenty of SEO firms serving the companies in the city, you need to know how to pick the best one. Here are some of the best traits you need to find in a reliable SEO agency in Washington DC.

1. Spotless Reputation

The credibility of an SEO company will tell you a lot about them. If they have a reputation for providing mediocre services to their clients, then you must look for other options right away. It’s important for you only to work with a team with favorable standing to ensure that they can provide the best services.

You may check the reputation of an SEO company in Washington DC from social media presence, local business directories, and Google Business Profile ratings. You may also check third-party review sites like Yelp and Better Business Bureau.

2. Understands Local Audience

689,545 people lived in Washington DC as of April 2020. These individuals have different wants and needs. It would be impossible for businesses to understand what their target audience wants, especially if they have no resources to perform customer research by themselves.

If you invest in a reputable SEO service provider, you must find one that can provide credible customer research. This will help you understand your customers further to provide the best products and services for the public. A dependable SEO agency must also know the best strategies to offer your company so that you can have better chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages.

3. Knows and Properly Executes the Latest SEO Techniques

The most qualified SEO company must always be aware of the most current changes in Google’s strict search algorithms. The agency must know how to adapt its tactics and strategies. They must also know how to provide revolutionary services to their clients.

Reputable companies providing the best SEO services would suggest and offer the latest services to their clients and incorporate them into their client’s strategies immediately.

4. Bonus Factor: Only Uses White Hat SEO Techniques

Professional SEO companies always abide by SEO guidelines released by Google. These agencies must never attempt to execute black hat SEO techniques on your SEO campaigns. It includes doorway pages, spamming, duplicate content, and other illegal SEO techniques.

Google gives strict penalties when they catch your website doing such activities. The platform may either ban you or get you penalized. So if you want to avoid these penalties, you must only work with SEO specialists who never resort to any black hat methods.

Finding the best SEO service provider in Washington DC is a must for every budding business in the city. If you want your new business to thrive and make an impact in your chosen niche. You must only work with highly-skilled and knowledgeable professionals to execute the best SEO strategies.

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