Why You Should Track Holiday Traffic On Your Ecommerce Site

Why You Should Track Holiday Traffic On Your Ecommerce Site

The holidays are a vital time for eCommerce businesses. Consumers are spending more money than usual, and if your site needs to prepare to handle the influx of traffic, you could miss out on many sales. That’s why tracking holiday traffic on your eCommerce site is essential. Doing so can ensure that your site runs smoothly and that shoppers can find what they’re looking for. Here’s a closer look at why an ecommerce marketing agency thinks tracking holiday traffic is so crucial for eCommerce businesses:

1. Helps You Plan for Future Holiday Seasons

If you track holiday traffic on your eCommerce site, you’ll have valuable data that you can use to plan for future holiday seasons. For example, let’s say you notice traffic spikes on your site during the week of Thanksgiving.

Based on this data, you can ensure enough staff working during that period to handle the increased traffic. Additionally, you should run promotions or discounts during that week to capitalize on the high traffic. Data makes it easier to decide how to best prepare for future holiday seasons.

2. Allows You to Make Adjustments in Real-Time

In addition to helping you plan for future holiday seasons, tracking holiday traffic allows you to make real-time adjustments. For example, let’s say that you notice that your site is starting to lag due to the increased traffic. By monitoring your holiday traffic, you can quickly make changes to help improve site performance.

Additionally, if you notice that certain products are selling out faster than others, you can adjust your inventory levels accordingly. These are just a few examples of how tracking holiday traffic can help you make real-time changes to improve the shopper experience.

3. Gives You Insights Into Customer Behavior

Finally, tracking holiday traffic gives you valuable insights into customer behavior. For example, let’s say you notice a spike in traffic from a particular region during the holidays. This could indicate a growing demand for your products in that region. Additionally, seeing a significant spike in mobile traffic during the holidays could suggest that shoppers use mobile devices more frequently to purchase gifts.

By tracking holiday traffic, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior so that you can adjust your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

The Impact The Holidays Have On Ecommerce Sites

Online retailers brace themselves every year for the holiday season. The combination of increased traffic and higher order values puts stress on fulfillment centers, customer service teams, and website infrastructure. The holidays are the most critical time for eCommerce sites. A successful holiday season can make or break a business, and many companies invest heavily in preparation.

The holidays bring an influx of customers looking for deals on gifts. To attract these shoppers, retailers offer deep discounts and promotional codes. This can result in lower margins, but the increased sales volume more than makes up for it. To cope with the influx of orders, retailers often bring in temporary staff and increase their inventory levels. They also make sure their website can handle the increased traffic. These factors contribute to a significant expense increase during the holiday season.

Despite the challenges, the holiday season is crucial for eCommerce businesses. November and December account for a large percentage of annual sales, and many companies rely on the holiday season to make up for slower sales earlier in the year. For these companies, a successful holiday season is essential to their survival.


As you can see, there are many reasons why tracking holiday traffic is so crucial for eCommerce businesses. If you still need to follow holiday traffic on your site, now is the time to start. Doing so will give you valuable insights into customer behavior and allow you to make informed decisions about how to best prepare for future holiday seasons.

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