Top 10 CRM Tools for Business Growth in 2022

Top 10 CRM Tools for Business Growth in 2022

In order for a business grow, you do need to find and start using the best CRM tools. The main role of a customer relationship management tool is to help you find new customers. Manage their requirements, and also keep them as a part of your customer base. The reason why you want to use CRM tools is that they have an excellent blend of feedback. Also, they offer great customer support, marketing, and also sales features. This is exactly why they are such an efficient solution to focus on.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is one of the top CRM solutions on the market for a variety of reasons. It’s great for small businesses, and it includes features like marketing automation, file storage, a calendar system, task management, market segmentation, and lead scoring. The fact that you can access it in the cloud is great, and you will find that it conveys all the results you want while still delivering flexibility and ease of use.


Pipedrive is considered to be one of the better CRM solutions that deliver lead management, a dedicated visual sales pipeline, as well as communication tracking. It also has activity reports, lead source reports, and custom reports. Their sales assistant is actually very detailed, comprehensive, and it makes the experience very efficient. Plus, it helps automate everything and it saves quite a bit of time.


Salesmate is also cloud-based and it can help you enhance business connections, while also boosting revenue. It has a great set of tools to help save time, while also boosting the sales experience quite a bit. The fact that it comes with a lead assignment and sales automation set of tools is what really sets it apart. They also have more than 700 commercial app integrations, not to mention they deliver great security too.

Zoho CRM

Another CRM for small businesses would be Zoho CRM. This one is very efficient because it helps track marketing and business features. It can be great for boosting conversion rates too. Things like process and performance management, CRM analytics, and sales enablement are all active by default, and they always improve upon it to create something dependable and reliable. This is not that expensive, it also has a rather long trial, so you should definitely try it out.


BIGContacts is very well made, it’s focused on simplicity, and yet it still has contact management and email features aside from CRM solutions. While it doesn’t have live chat, it does include pretty much all the features you would want, from lead capturing to marketing automation, great integration with social media and other tools, email marketing, templates and calendars, or management tools. It’s the complete CRM you will appreciate quite a bit.

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is great for startups and small businesses, and it’s very affordable too. On top of that, their interface is simple and you do get access to task and territory management, mobile solutions, market segmentation, lead scoring, document storage, and so on. It’s pretty much anything you may need and so much more, not to mention it’s super-efficient and reliable.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional

Salesforce is the pivotal CRM that a lot of businesses should use. It has support for thousands of apps, it also has great AI, and the only thing it’s missing is marketing automation integration. But it does include lead scoring, email marketing, management tools, chat integration, and a reminder system or calendar system. That’s why you have to give it a try because it’s worth the effort.

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM is widely known for having similar features to Salesforce, but it’s way cheaper. With that in mind, it does come with a variety of apps fully integrated into it, and it’s super affordable too. Even if it’s not as popular, it has very good support, and the fact that you get to chat, marketing automation, proposals and quotes, task/territory management is a great benefit.

Oracle CX

Oracle CX has the feature complexity and ease of use that many CRM tools lack. It’s filled with a variety of tools like journey maps, behavioral intelligence, and customer experience management, tools that are actually very helpful and reliable. On top of that, this really helps push the boundaries when it comes to value and clarity, and it will help pay off big time.


Even if Nimble is on the simpler side, it does have reminders, pipeline management, segmentation, relationship management, and live profiles. It’s very easy to scale and customize the way you want, and it delivers great integration with other tools. The fact that it also has very good security and it delivers email tracking is a wonderful thing as well.


We recommend giving these CRM tools a try if you want something convenient, professional, and dependable. You may also use a CRM development company to create a custom CRM for your needs. You will appreciate the ease of use and quality. Also the fact that all these tools are easy to customize to your needs. Sure, prices might differ, so it’s a good idea to create a list with the features you want and then narrow down the tool that suits your requirements!

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