Details Of MyStream Funimation Downloader | Download Love Live! School Idol Project

Details Of MyStream Funimation Downloader | Download Love Live! School Idol Project

Have you heard of the school project of the teenagers in Japan? It is the style of the country to teach students multiple things along with the advancement of technology. The example of the first multimedia project is LoveLove Live! School Idol Project. The interesting activities in this show deliver both fun and knowledge at the same time. If you are also willing to be a part of the fabulous time the students were having, watch it today. Funimation offers excellent plans to let you watch the video anytime you desire. Henceforth, open your account and start the exciting journey with this lovely OTT platform Mystream.

Continuous viewing guarantees MyStream Funimation Downloader to check out the content without limitations. The craving to watch a movie at night without the internet will become a reality now by installing this software. It is a lovely story encircling the lives of the students of Otonokizaka High School. It is a full package of adventure, thrill, drama, and fun that will be enough to keep you engaged.

Movie Name…Love Live! School Idol Project

  • Ratings: 7.3/10
  • Genre: Family, Drama, Comedy, Animation
  • Directed by: Takahiko Kyogoku
  • Produced by: Satoshi Hirayama, Yuki Makimoto, Kaoru Adachi, and others
  • Casts: Emi Nitta, Pile, Suzuko Mimori, Riho Iida, Yoshino Manjo, and others


Animated plots always become admirable for the kids. However, some shows are excellent for all age groups. Love Live! School Idol Project is one such beautiful creation with a focus mainly on the development of school children. This particular project belongs to Love Live! Multimedia franchise. Along with the series coming on television during 2013-2014, the authorities launched a special game also. Moreover, the unique rhythm game won the hearts of millions of followers across the globe.

The primary plot of the anime series is the crisis of Otonokizaka High School. Every year, there was a constant decline in the number of students. This incident made the authorities frown, and they became forced to go for closing down. It was really unfortunate as the school would shut down after the current batch. The students only have one chance to save the school. What is it? To know, you need to watch the series quickly on Funimation. Furthermore, the option for Funimation offline viewing is there for a better experience.


The story of the series starts with Honoka Kosaka. She joined Otonokizaka Academy and soon found out the school would no longer be there. It will close down soon due to insufficient students. However, Honoka was not ready to accept this fact and decided to stop this. In this step, she met with her sister at UTX. They soon discovered the immense popularity of A-rise, a music video, and devised a plan.

Moreover, Honoka and her school-mates formed a school idol group like A-rise. Such a step attracted many more students to become a part of this academy. Finally, the team got to participate in the top-most musical competitions for school idol, named Love Live. However, it was shocking as after winning this competition, many girls decided to step back from the group. At the end of the series, why such a thing happens and how Honoko will improve the situation. Learn how to download episodes on Funimation for a hassle-free watch. You can indulge in the fun-filled series at any time.

Twisting Details Of The Show

A show keeps on mesmerizing the global audiences with exceptional twists. The engaging content of Love Live! School Idol Project is also one type where the school kids will find more interest. Furthermore, they will learn many things about how to tackle the crisis arising suddenly in school. Therefore, it is one of Japan’s best school projects in multimedia format. Honoka’s plan was very easy to implement. However, the young fellows did not lose hope for a single minute. They faced several challenges in opening the school idol group.

Furthermore, the student council president was not in favor of this act. It took great efforts to convince everyone by analyzing the advantages. You can also become a part of these efforts by downloading Funimation today.

Our Verdict

This series will always be on the top list in our recommendation, especially for children. However, it can act as a guide for responsible parents too. The series has lots of shades and layers to make you realize some very important spheres of life. Furthermore, Funimation offline viewing facility will render the privilege to enjoy the series multiple times according to your wishes. School idol competition changed the fate of a high school. All these happened due to the untired efforts of some young students. They showed dedication in saving their second home, that is, the school. For every youngster, the role of the school is very important. Hence, this project will illustrate the school’s LoveLove and bonding and its students. Therefore, it is a must-watch at least once in a lifetime.

MyStream Funimation Video Downloader Allows Downloading Love Live! School Idol Project

Enjoy every sequence of the Love Live competition and the capacities of the young school children. Funimation is an amazing platform these days to watch excellent content online. However, it can be confusing for many about how to download episodes on Funimation. The process of direct download may be subject to a few limitations. Therefore, it will be better to use reliable software like MyStream Funimation Downloader. It will simplify your experience to catch the favorite series at whatever hour you feel like. Forget about the stringent conditions when you choose MyStream. Here are the features and steps in brief.

mystream funimation


  • Full HD Facility: You can get the feel of the big screen after downloading the anime series in full HD quality. It can go up to 1080p also.
  • Technological aspect: MyStream Funimation Downloader is an excellent package showing the latest technological aspects for a hassle-free downloading experience.
  • Audio Tracks: Multiple audio tracks to make the series more enjoyable to all the audiophiles. Some choices include AC3 5.1, AAC 2.0, or EAC3 5.1.
  • Ad-free Watch: It is highly disturbing to watch ads while enjoying an anime series. But this software will let you have a smooth experience by removing the ads while downloading the video.
  • The speed of download is very high with the compatibility of the MP4 format.
  • You can also take the in-built browser’s services to search various content available on Funimation.
  • Batch mode is a great feature in case of downloading movies through MyStream. It will allow quick and simultaneous downloads of all the episodes streaming for a particular season. Save the files in .srt form.
  • Another feature that helps you watch the series or movie excitedly is the Video Manager. You can form a separate library containing all the downloaded videos. The manager will take care of all the arrangements in your files. Moreover, it will also save the metadata and subtitles in your preferred language.


Here are the steps to operate MyStream Funimation Downloader effortlessly. Follow carefully for a successful download of your favorite series. The software is a 100% safe and clean tool offering free and paid versions alternatives. Try it today for a brilliant outcome.

Step 1: Install MyStream software from the authentic website only. It runs smoothly only on a computer and is not compatible with the mobile.

MyStream Funimation Downloader

Step 2: Go to Vip Services and select Funimation from the list of OTT platforms available.

funimation 2

Step 3: Find out the video you want to save permanently. After locating the same, click on it to play.

funimation 3

Step 4: Download Now is the next step. Click the button and let the process start at once in the background. Mention the path in your device to save the file.

Please ensure before downloading that your machine has enough storage space. Lack of sufficient space can disrupt the downloading in between.


People are not getting enough time to regularly visit the theatres or catch a series on TV. Moreover, this present generation will miss the famous content of the past. But the scenario is a changed one now. With so many OTT platforms available, the viewers can enjoy any show at their selected time without interruption. Funimation is a superb choice among so many competing channels.

Furthermore, the facility of Funimation offline viewing will enable the audience to get all the episodes without internet support. If the files remain saved on your device, you need not choose a selected place or time to watch a particular episode. This is the specialty of going for an external tool for a smooth watch.

MyStream Funimation Downloader is the best option for catching all the Funimation shows offline. If you want to purchase the software, you need to make some investments for long-term benefits. The packages include an Annual Plan of $59.9, a Monthly Plan of $19.9, and a Biannual Plan of $39.9. You can run the program simultaneously on 3 PCs, 1 PC, and 2 PCs, respectively.

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