Best Filebot Alternatives 2021

Best Filebot Alternatives 2021

Filebot tool is helpful in managing and organizing your video files. It also assists in renaming the TV files, Movies, and anime. When it comes to fetching the subtitles for movies, Filebot is amazing in it. It can also provide the subtitles to the TV Shows which you have downloaded. It has the ability to fetch the titles from the movie’s database automatically. You can easily look up the subtitles by clicking the open subtitles button.

As we all have huge data of video files in our computer system. According to the trend of this century, we use to download movies, games in our system every day. Due to the huge database of videos, it becomes a very confusing task to find any particular video. Suppose you are searching for a video, which you downloaded a few months back. Then how would you find it in your system? It’s very hard to remember the name of each video.

Filebot application is here to help you in sorting your video files. It is compatible with video files as well. Once you download free filebot, it will take care of your video files. It will sort the videos according to your preference and you will get the video you are looking for within few seconds. It follows a standard way to name the files, which makes it easier for you to search the files.

Filebot License

The best thing about Filebot is that it is compatible with both Mac and Windows Computers. To use this application you must have Filebot License. You can have the license in $6 for one month. To purchase a perpetual Filebot license, you have to pay $48. An amazing thing about the license is, you can you a single license on multiple computers.

No doubt, Filebot is one of the most popular applications regarding videos. But there are some other similar Filebot Alternatives. These alternatives of Filebot do the same work. So, if you are looking for some free Filebot alternatives, then you are in the right place. We will explain to you the best free and paid Filebot alternatives for TVs, movies, anime, music, and more. Below are the best Filebot Alternative:

Filebot Alternatives:

1. TVRename – Free

Tvrename is a tool that will rename all of your TV shows in your media library. It will automatically clean up the data available in this folder. It has the ability to copy the files from targeted folders to your database. No doubt, Tv Rename is a good Filebot Alternative, but if you are using Windows 10. Then we suggest you not to use this application. As it is not compatible with Windows 10.

TheRenamer can be used on Windows freely. It is the duty of this App only to make sure that all of your files are renamed in the best possible way.

2. MediaElch – Free

MediaElch is one of the most famous filebot free alternative. It is open-source software. It is used for managing the media and also a renaming tool. While supporting media and Tv shows, it also manages music and concerts. Once you are done with setting up the MediaElch properly, it can import all of your media files in the app. After importing them it will rename all the files automatically. If you are having it in your system, this app can scrape all the data related to your music files.

3. Media Companion – Free

Media Companion is another popular Free Filebot Alternative that is best in media management. It assists to catalogue TV shows and movies.  It downloads the data in the form of posters, screenshots, Fanart, etc. With Media Companion, you can link IMDB to your media files. It will make it very easy for you to search for any particular movie. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies within Media Companion itself. This app offers full XBMC integration.

4. Advanced Renamer – Free

Another best Filebot Alternative is advanced renamer. This is not compatible with both Mac and Windows. In fact, it is compatible only with Windows. It assists you in maintaining your media files as well as other files too. The advanced renamer can be used to manage your image files also. It’s an easy task to add GPS data to your image files with the help of this app. For example, if you are going with a photographer to any certain location. The GPS coordinates can be used, you can select more than 20,000 across the whole world.

5. Shoko Anime – Free

Are you looking for a Filebot Alternative especially for Anime? Filebot is made for managing Movies, videos, and Tv Shows but it also manages anime. Shoko anime is particularly designed for anime. It assists you in managing your anime files. If you have lost any of your anime files, Shoko anime would find it for you. It removes the duplicate anime files.

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