Best Out of Waste Ideas for Kids in 2021

Best Out of Waste Ideas for Kids in 2021

There are several things that can be made using waste material. These crafts are helpful to kids for their school projects. So, the best out of waste craft ideas are the most useful to reuse the waste material. You can also decorate your room with these crafts. In the era of technology, children grow very fast. Children love to play with gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, video games, tablets, etc. They might not be much interested in the best out of waste crafts.

Hence, it becomes an important task for you to engage your kids in arts and crafts at a younger age. Poor kids will be schooling from home another whole year. It’s even more difficult with small children and parents who have to sit them through the class but there is not much choice for parents. So, parents let’s gear up for another year of madness. Best out of waste for kids is the amazing way to use their minds in such a creative way.

What are the benefits of best out of waste ideas for kids?

Kids being at home all day can be overwhelming especially when they have a ton of work in hands. Art and craft ideas are the best way especially if your child is going through a clingy phase. These activities not only help in keeping them engaged but feel responsible. You too can help your child not just learn the best out of waste crafts but also how to use them in decorating home.

The most important thing they will learn about how to save the environment by using waste material. Below is the list of best out of waste crafts for kids.

Here are Top out of waste ideas that can help you reduce your waste while keeping your kids busy:

1. Vase From Glass Bottle Idea

Using this idea you can turn your waste water bottles into beautiful vases. Put beautiful flowers into bottles and enhance the beauty of your home.

Vase From Glass Bottle

Items Required:

  • Wasted glass or plastic bottle
  • Painting Colors
  • Paintbrush

Steps to Prepare Water Bottle:

  • Clean the bottle and wash it properly
  • Remove the label tags if there is any on the bottle
  • Paint the bottle with your favorite color
  • After the first coat, paint the bottle with a second coat for better finishing
  • You can make flowers or some other patterns on the bottle
  • Add your favorite flowers to the bottle
  • Now your vase is ready to increase the beauty of your home
2. Piggy Bank with Bottle

Piggybank which you purchase by spending money can be made at home. You can teach your kid how to make a piggy banks with bottles. Read the below-mentioned steps to make it easily:

Piggy Bank with Bottle

Items Required:

  • Waste Plastic bottle
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Sparkle Pen

Steps to Prepare Water Bottle:

  • Clean the bottle with water
  • Cut the bottle according to the width of a coin. So that you can easily put the coin into a bottle
  • Wrap the bottle with a paper
  • Draw the eyes of a piggy with the help of a marker
  • Cut ears from paper and stick these with glue
  • Now your piggy bank is ready
3. DVD Coasters

Coasters made using DVD are one of the best out of the waste crafts. It is very easy to make. Read below how they make DVD coasters with waste material:

DVD Coasters

Items Required:

  • DVD
  • Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Different Fabrics

Step to Prepare DVD Coasters:

  • Put the DVD on cardboard and draw on it
  • Now cut the cardboard into the size of a DVD
  • Cut the fabrics also into DVD size
  • Now stick the fabrics on DVD
  • Beautiful CD coasters are ready to use
4. Puppets with Socks

How useful it will be if you can make puppets using your old socks yourself. Now you don’t need to throw your old socks into the dustbin. Make them utilized by reading the following steps:

Puppets with Socks

Items Required:

  • Two pair of socks
  • Matching buttons
  • Wool
  • One needle
  • Scissor
  • Glue

Step to Prepare DVD Coasters:

  • Firstly wash and dry the socks well
  • Put the eyes on the heel of the socks with the help of a needle
  • Place 2 eyes on a single socks
  • Cut the wool into small pieces to make the hair of the puppet
  • Now sew hair above the eyes
  • Your puppets are ready to enjoy the snow
5. Photo Frame Using Ice Cream Sticks

How great it would be if you can make photo frames using the waste sticks of your ice cream. Here we are going to tell you the method of making a photo frame with ice cream sticks.

Photo Frame Using Ice Cream Sticks

Items Required:

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Painting color
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Scissor

Step to Prepare Photo Frame:

  • Paint the ice cream sticks on both sides.
  • Stick them to form a square shape, with the ends coming out on the four corners.
  • Your frame is ready. Put your photo in the frame or you can also place any handmade painting.

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