Ottawa Fury FC – Canada Football Club Roster & Schedule

Ottawa Fury FC – Canada Football Club Roster & Schedule

Football Clubs (also known as Soccer Clubs in other countries like the United States) are a really big deal in Canada, and numerous locations are actually starting to take the country by storm, if not for their playing, then their tremendous benefits they give people and reach out to their community. That being said, one of Ottawa’s biggest teams out there are known as the Ottawa Fury football club, and they’re becoming all of the rage in Ottawa, Ontario’s capital. We’re going to tell you all about this little soccer team that’s making giant results and efforts to be one of the best in the nation.


While the original football team was formed years ago, the Ottawa Fury team of today was officially formed in 2011. They ended up joining the North American Soccer league in 2014, and they already had their field finished. They made a humongous advertising campaign to raise publicity for themselves by allowing people to vote for the name of their team. It became official after a majority of the people chose the name Fury. Not long after that, they hired their first of many coaches to come, and then they choose their assistant coach, and also a brand new technical director.

The Downfall

Unfortunately, while the team ended up being undefeated in their 2014 season, they ended up losing their first game, and despite their loss to win ratio, they ended up placing sixth by winning only three matches in their first season. The reason? Their points were a lot higher than their wins or losses, which made a humongous different. During the next season, their first game ended up proving to lose their first six soccer games, and still managed to end up in sixth place. Their vigilance and determination ended up keeping them striving for more.

Changing it Up

After the 2014 season, they decided that they needed up step up their game plan. They ended up losing too much money being in the NASL, so they ended up partnering with Montreal Impact and ended up doing well enough in the season that they could join the Canadian Soccer Championship. In the present years, the team is still working hard in order to get their game going, and while it’s been a slow startup, they’re building to be one of the most popular teams in the entire Ottawa area.

The Community Matters

The team decided to show their local support by offering programs that helps to train the youth of the area, but also their Goals program. By reaching out to youth, they’re starting to also make an impactful difference in young children’s lives by helping them to successfully make and reach goals, and help to teach them soccer. They also provide tickets for numerous schools to help the community as well.


Despite the downfalls of the team, the constant management, and the various losses that have occurred, the Ottawa Fury is definitely ready to bring the rage onto their opponents in the present day. They’re a continuously new and growing team, and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon.

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