5 Essential Items for Your Golf Bag

5 Essential Items for Your Golf Bag

Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, knowing what to include in your golf bag is essential for acing the game and maximizing your enjoyment. In this short guide, we’re going to walk you through five essential items that every player needs, no matter their skill level!

Your Golf Clubs

We know, we know – this seems like an obvious first addition, but where better to start? You may be surprised how many players put little thought into their golf clubs. Before you look at how to arrange golf clubs in a bag, you’ll need to assess the kind you will use and why. All golf clubs are different, from woods to irons and wedges to putters. If you don’t know the difference, it’s time to start your homework!

A Base Layer

Sadly, no golf player is immune to the elements, even in climates that don’t get much rain. If you aren’t already aware, cold and rainy weather can significantly impact your play due to the increased density of the air and slippery surroundings. As if that weren’t bad enough, if you don’t have the correct bag type, the weather can seriously damage your bag and your clubs. A base layer helps to keep your precious equipment protected for longer.

A Hat

On the opposite end of the spectrum – far away from cold and rainy environments – you’ll need a sturdy hat in your bag. We’re all aware of the damage too much sun exposure can cause, but with golf, it isn’t just about keeping your skin safe. Not much can ruin a perfect swing like the blinding sun in your eyes. With the correct hat on your head, you can keep your line-of-sight clear every time.

A Pair of Gloves

Whether it’s gripping your golf club as you take a shot or hauling your bag across the course, your hands are likely to take some kind of beating. This is where gloves really shine. Skip the blisters and discomfort by bringing two pairs of gloves to every game. One pair for your hands and one pair as a spare!

A Flask or Water Bottle

Last, but by no means least, is the importance of staying hydrated! If you play the game in colder climates, a flask will quickly become your best friend. It will keep your hot drinks hotter for longer, so you never need to feel the freeze again. If you play during hotter months, you may need a water bottle even more! Heat exhaustion and dehydration have real consequences, and even for its slower pace, golf can be a surprisingly demanding sport.

Stay Prepared Out There!

If you keep your golf bag stocked with the right items, not only will you notice your performance improving, but you’ll also enjoy it significantly more. It’s easy to think that all you need for the course is a club and a ball, but there’s more to the sport than meets the eye!

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