Air Conditioning Systems in Perth for Commercial Applications

Air Conditioning Systems in Perth for Commercial Applications

When you’re looking for a commercial air conditioning solution in the Perth area, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to tell you a little bit about some air conditioning systems as well as provide you with one company that has been providing all of the solutions you need in order to keep your business nice and cool, yet give you the applications you need so you’re not spending too much on utilities since most businesses end up spending more on electricity than other utilities.

Types of Commercial HVAC Solutions

When it comes to having commercial HVAC units, there is more than one type. You can consider whether you want a regular large unit, or of course there are smaller, and more “personal” units for things like break rooms, etc. Also, there are cooling solutions that are meant for warehouses too. Some of the various types of cooling solutions are:

  • Single Split System

    This is a system that’s perfect for small offices and businesses. This is more of a private and localized air conditioning unit for things like break rooms, cafes and small office buildings. This is basically one indoor unit per outdoor unit. They’re also primarily made for cooling or even heating one room, which makes them a perfectly affordable solution for businesses large or small.

  • Multi-Split Systems

    This is a cooling solution that shares a large industrial outdoor unit. Many bigger businesses use these (as do some factories), so they can have many cooling solutions on different areas, with each area being individually controlled.

  • What About Evaporated Cooling?

    Evaporative cooling is comprised of a misting system and a special fan that allows climate control solutions, as well as helps cool the air naturally. The cooling unit is connected to other outlets and as it pulls units through cold pads that are wet. The air is cooled and then filtered as it passes through the system and then into the ductwork. It’s cleaner, the air is more natural. It’s more economical than standard cooling methods which usually require harsher cooling methods. Aside from the units, it’s very similar to some industrial shop fans that have a water irrigation system that act similarly.

  • Ducted Conditioning Systems

    These air conditioning systems are primarily meant for cooling more than one place at a time. These are one of the most common systems that are used in conjunction with a multi-split system. The indoor unit is placed inside. It allows the ductwork to let air flow throughout the entire system from the indoor unit most commonly on the roof.


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