New Clover Station: Helping Auto Repair Shops Get Organized

New Clover Station: Helping Auto Repair Shops Get Organized

Auto repair shop owners spend hours every day fine-tuning vehicles to make sure they run at their highest potential. Why not apply that approach to your business operations? An up-to-date merchant account solution like the Clover point of sale system can help auto repair shops run smoothly. Here are five ways a Clover system can help you to get your auto car repair shop organized.

1. Inventory Tracking:c

There’s nothing worse than having to delay an auto repair because you’re short on a particular part. The new clover station helps shops keep careful track of inventory, so you’ll always know what’s in stock. Clover’s merchant account software system comes with sophisticated inventory tracking features. These features allow shop owners to order the right parts when they’re needed. Meaning you’ll be able to minimize delays and maximize customer service.

2. Employee Time Records:

Your mechanics work hard day in and day out, and they deserve to be compensated accurately for their time. Clover’s pos system for auto repair shop allows workers to clock in and out directly from the point of sale terminal, ensuring time cards will be correct every time. The system allows owners to identify busy periods based on sales records, meaning you’ll be able to schedule mechanics and customer service representatives effectively for rush periods and slower seasons. Having the right number of workers on the floor will improve customer satisfaction when things are hectic and prevent unnecessary costs when repairs slow down.

3. Business Operations:

In addition to tracking inventory and employee hours, the Clover system also allows auto repair shop owners to manage their shop’s bill payments. You can accept payments from industry customers and make payments for your expenses, all from a central terminal. Make sure you never fall behind on a bill by running your accounting through Clover. The software also produces valuable, data-driven business insights, which can help owners identify and understand sales trends. You’ll know when sales have historically picked up and when they typically slow down, allowing you to plan cost-effective employee schedules and well-timed marketing tactics.

4. Handle Any Type of Transaction:

Auto repair are experts to fix up customer’s vehicles. It runs smoothly in the shortest possible amount of time. A Clover station can help you extend that philosophy to the customer checkout process. Look for an updated system that has the ability to accept various forms of payment, including swipe-style debit and credit cards, “chip” or EMV cards, and contactless payment methods like Apple Pay.

5. Build Your Network:

Auto repair shops vary in size from stores with a single mechanic to operations with dozens of staff members. The Clover system can adapt to any size of the business, with different terminal styles to match your needs. Some shops might find a central Clover station to be their ideal center of operations, while others might prefer the smaller, mini-sized station. Clover offers handheld, wireless-enabled devices. These devices are easy to pair with a central terminal.

Get your auto repair shop organized. It provides better customer service with a Clover point of sale system. Turn to a reputable vendor of merchant account solutions to find the best service and selection.

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