Learn Details about the Statistical Investigation Grade II Job

Learn Details about the Statistical Investigation Grade II Job

In India, the Staff Selection Committee (SSC) is one of the best government-based organizations where thousands and lakhs of employees work in different positions. Getting a job in any of the SSC CGL posts is quite difficult due to immense competition and a tough process. The SSC CGL cut off remains highly competitive and you need to prepare well in advance to pass out the exam.

Once you get the SSC CGL exam dates, you can start preparing for the same. But before that, you need to check some information about the Statistical Investigator. The Statistical Investigator Grade-II position falls under the Registrar General of India and is a highly positioned job under the Government of India.

Job Profile of the Statistical Investigator:

The job profile of the statistical investigator is divided into two departments:

Data Processing:

This is purely a desk job where you will supervise the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) and perform clerical roles. This includes the preparation of the reports related to the data from numerous government organizations. The already drafted report or survey will further help in obtaining general parameters and helping the government to create programs and schemes.

Data Collection:

This is basically a field job and requires intensive field visits. Here, you will be working under the Field Operations Division (FOD) of the National Sample Survey Office. As a statistical Investigator, you will be required to collect data on different surveys in regards to the price, urban, socio-economic factors, and other programs.

The department in which you will be working completely depends on your ability.

Career Growth

Initially, you will be working as a junior statistical investigator, working under seniors as Subordinate Statistical Cadre (SSC). The career growth follows as-

  • Junior Statistical Officer
  • Senior Statistical officer
  • Assistant Director
  • Director
  • Deputy Director-General

Once you are promoted from Junior Statistical Officer to Senior Statistical Officer, you will become a Gazette Officer Position. The more you get promoted, the more you get the responsibilities.

The Payout

The salary of the statistical investigator grade II is around Rs 9300- 34800 along with the grade pay of Rs 4200. Surely, will be given a complete salary package list while you join the company. As the post increases, your payout also increases.

Where Statistical Investigators are Posted?

The posting of the statistical investigator depends on the requirement, and it can be anywhere in the country. But, out of the total candidates, 80% of postings are done through National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)

Qualification Required

One of the important qualifications required to work as a statistical investigator is to be qualified in Mathematics or Statistics. If you have graduated or specialized in any of the mentioned subjects, there is a good chance of getting the job.

Preparing for the SSC CGL Statistical Investigator exam:

Like every other entrance exam, to appear for the SSC CGL statistical investigator you need to prepare well in advance. The best is to know the syllabus or pattern of the exam. Under this, you need to check the topics that will be covered. The most iImportant subjects covered by SSC CGL are-

  • Quantities Abilities- 200 marks
  • English Language and Comprehension- 200
  • Statistics- 200

The exam is divided into two parts- Tier 1 and Tier 2. Some of the topics covered in the statistics subject are-

  • Collection Classification and Presentation of Statistical Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Moments, Skewness, and Kurtosis
  • Correlation and Regression

Once you get the idea about topics covered in the statistics exam, you can start planning for the study. This will help in practicing well for the exam. You need to check for the statistics-related book available online. Understand each topic and practice accordingly. The ultimate aim is to get a good score and pass through the interview process.  Once you are through it, you will be lucky enough to get the job.  Having a statistical investigator job in government is like having a secured life.

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