How Often to Change Your 2014 Ford Focus Wiper Blades

How Often to Change Your 2014 Ford Focus Wiper Blades

Show your 2014 Ford Focus a little love by checking those wiper blades and that wiper fluid on a regular basis. How often should I change wiper blades, you ask? It is generally recommended that you put on new blades every six to twelve months. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow and ice in the winter, you’ll want to be sure to change your 2014 Ford Focus wiper blades seasonally.

How To Check If Your Wiper Blades Are Still In Good Standing

There are some clear signs you can look for to know if it’s time for those wiper blades to go. These signs include the following:

  • Bent frames. Frames can get bent in a variety of ways, such as at the car wash or when you’re scraping your windshield. Once the frame is bent, it won’t connect with the glass properly. You need new Ford Focus wiper blades.
  • Strange sounds. If your blades make a chugging or skipping sound as they travel across the glass, replace them. They are not sliding evenly across your windshield.
  • Streaky or filmy windshield. Streaks, while you’re running your wipers, are a sure sign that the blades are no longer cleaning the glass correctly. The same is true if there is a film left behind during or after wiper use.
  • Damaged rubber. Cracked or split rubber indicates that the blade is too old. Some old wipers even have rubber strings hanging off of them. Get rid of these blades immediately.

If your wipers fail and don’t run at all, it is likely a mechanical problem. The fuse for windshield wipers can wear out and need replacement. This is not a major repair job and is great for the weekend gearhead to tackle.

Why Good Wiper Fluid Is Important

But what about wiper fluid, you ask? Good question! Topping off with a good quality wiper fluid is an important part of maintaining your 2014 Ford Focus. Wiper fluid helps your wipers to keep the windshield clean, even in the worst weather. To get the most out of your wiper fluid you should use two different kinds.

  1. Bug wash. This is a soapy fluid that is perfect for warm weather. You know how it is on the lovely summer nights when you take the partner of your dreams for a scenic drive in the country. Suddenly your windshield is covered in bugs of every description. This is where bug wash fluid excels. Just a few squirts of the wash, a few whisks of the wiper blades, and your glass are clean again.
  2. Antifreeze fluid. As the days grow colder, empty out the bug wash and put antifreeze windshield fluid in your reservoir. This is the stuff that helps clean snow and ice off the glass. More importantly, it won’t freeze and crack your reservoir or damage your pump.

Make changing your blades and your fluid a regular part of your maintenance schedule with help from your local auto parts retailer.

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