FlixPal Pluto TV Downloader | Download Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

FlixPal Pluto TV Downloader | Download Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

If you are fond of American Anthologies, then you are on the right page. You must have seen the birth of so many startups in the last five years. Now, Uber happens to be one of them. In the dramatic series, you will be privy to a New York Times techie correspondent presenting the story of Uber. It is not unknown anymore how the CEO, Travis Kalanick, was thrown out of the board room in 2017. Uber is a transportation giant which has managed to change how the common people look at travel. Mike Isaac’s Super Pumped aims to present the rise and the fall of the mega-startup.

Now, you can catch up on all the drama on Flixpal Pluto TV. However, after your subscription plan ends, you may have to settle for something else. Now, you can download pluto tv and watch all the content from anywhere. You can even watch the drama unfold before your eyes, without the internet. Get the flixpal pluto tv downloader now. Things are all set to change for the better.

Series Name… Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

Ratings: 7.2/10

Genre: Biopic, Drama

Created by: David Levien, Brian Koppelman

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kerry Bishe, Kyle Chandler, Uma Thurman


You will be watching the rise and fall of the Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, in this tumultuous biopic. The biopic stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the protagonist, and others who support the star-studded drama. You will be able to watch Uma Thurman, Hank Azaria, and Elizabeth Shue, amongst others. It is very clear from the beginning, that the series focuses on power, greed, and money. In the eight-episode series, viewers will come across Gordon-Levitt tackling various issues head-on. His ego gets in the way of his work at times. That is something to watch out for. You will get to watch the true story of the Uber founder. Kalanick supposedly takes an egoistic approach to win, amongst all the other competitors in the market, even if it is through treachery. You can get the flixpal pluto tv downloader and watch the series from the comfort of your residence. Now, the question arises, ‘can you watch pluto tv offline?’ Yes, you can. And, you will know all about it now.


The series is based on a book that goes by the same name. It showcases the meteoric rise of the startup Uber and its CEO fall. Travis is seen establishing the multi-billion dollar startup with some of his accomplices. However, the audience gets to know very slowly that everything comes at a price. You will come across certain episodes that star the likes of the Google Head and Apple CEOs. Season 1 showcases the startup’s unique journey. The audience gets to witness how Uber looks at standing on the high pedestal occupied by Unicorn-transformed huge multi-billion-dollar companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple. The show highlights the perils of the process in a very elaborate manner.

You will watch the battles that occur between taxi drivers and cab owners and the CEO. The company’s toxic culture also gets highlighted in the process. The show progresses, with the scenes revolving around the venture capitalists taking on the company and ousting the CEO from his post. It displays the catastrophe of ambitions and far-flung ideas set amidst American Corporate history. Now, you must be really excited to watch the series. Do catch up with it after you download pluto tv.

Twists and Turns

It is the high-voltage Uber saga that you will be witnessing here. One of the downsides to watch true-life based drama series is to question at every turn, if the incident really happened. You will be wondering if all that you see online is real, at all. The CEO shouts inside his own office, saying that they are all in a world-changing business. The stark picture of the Silicon Valley can disrupt your thinking for some time. Come face to face with the debacles that the Uber CEO committed. You can have a good time watching the real-time scandal if you happen to be a businessman yourself.

Final Verdict

In the final episodes, you will see the ridesharing app in the doldrums. There is a thorough investigation of the finances by the company’s own board members. The episodes from the very beginning concentrated on exposing some fallacy about the company or its CEO. Several issues came up for real in this series. They include the surge pricing, Google’s lawsuit, and the release of some videos by the Uber driver. The telephonic conversation between Bill and Arianna seems to be the most interesting part of the series. If you are still wondering, ‘can you watch pluto tv offline?’ Yes, the time has come to reveal it all. Now, you can download pluto tv and watch it all.

Download Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber Through FlixPal Pluto TV Downloader

flixpal pluto

The flixpal pluto tv downloader allows you to download the series on any device. Moreover, you can download it and keep it there. Watch the series at your own convenience. You can also go for direct download from the OTT platform. However, once your subscription expires, your videos automatically get deleted. Get the downloader tool for non-stop entertainment.

Here are the top features of the flixpal pluto tv downloader. This will allow you to watch pluto tv offline.


  • You can download content and watch it later, in offline mode. Save the videos on your computer’s hard disk, with a quality of 720p.
  • Flixpal Pluto TV downloader gives you an ad-free experience. If you have the basic subscription, which has ads, you can still watch them on the downloader tool without ads.
  • FlixPal helps you to download videos with SRT files. However, external subtitles help you to save all the metadata for future use.
  • You can make use of the Batch download option. It allows you to download many series and episodes in one go.
  • You can download all the content in MP4. Transfer them at your will to any device later on.
  • You can download large movies in a matter of minutes.


Flixpal pluto tv downloader is very easy to install and run. You can easily watch pluto tv offline, now. Read on to know the steps.

Step1 – You can install the downloader by browsing. Then, visit the VIP section.

Flixpal Main

Step2 – You can find the FlixPal Pluto TV option there. Search for the video.

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Step3 – Once you locate the video, you can click on ‘Download Now’.

You can start the download and watch other content. The process continues in the background.


Now, you can enjoy any series, movies, or shows telecasted on the OTT platform, without internet. It is completely safe as well. There are paid plans that come at $4.99 per month for the ad version. You can get the flixpal pluto tv downloader to watch the content ad-free. If you are not doing this, you have to go for the higher plan that costs $9.99 per month. You can download the free downloader version or the paid one. It comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. So, you can now enjoy all the content online without any hassles.

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