Cloud-Based Software vs. SaaS: Which is Better for Office Hoteling?

Cloud-Based Software vs. SaaS: Which is Better for Office Hoteling?

Allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely and occasionally come into the office is a great way to show you appreciate their efforts, especially in these times. When you start to implement this, you might realize that you have a lot of extra office space that’s no longer needed. Perhaps you decide to cut down on how much space you lease as a cost-saving measure.

The best way to manage the remaining space and ensure nothing is double-booked and is used to its maximum potential is by using office hoteling software. This allows employees to make their own reservations and gives everyone access to see what’s available.

Maybe you’re familiar with the concept but not sure where to start. Read on to see how office hoteling can work for you.

Cloud-Based Software Allows for the Most Flexibility

In brief, cloud-based means you’re using the internet to access the software from any location. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log into the office hoteling software to view availability, reserve a desk or conference room, and even pull reports showing when the busiest times are for your office.

With on-demand availability, you’ll never have to worry about losing access to the platform. Cloud providers have geographical redundancies built into their systems, so even if they experience an outage in one location, the other will still be running. Additionally, you don’t have to maintain any physical equipment. The cloud provider does all of that for you.

Because you’re simply paying for the resources you use, this often reduces overhead costs. If your office hoteling software is running in the cloud, you’ll always be able to access the data you need and you may even find it’s cheaper than you think.

SaaS Delivers a Hands-Off Approach

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is an application you access via the internet as well. It runs on the service provider’s servers, similar to how cloud applications run on the cloud provider’s servers. This means they are responsible for the security and availability of the application.

Generally, SaaS programs are billed on a subscription basis. Rather than paying for what you use, you’d pay a monthly fee. It is based on how many users you have and what kind of service you need.

Cloud-Based Software Is More Customizable

The biggest difference between the two, aside from how things are billed, is that it is possible to manage your application on a server hosted by a third party with cloud-based software. You’re able to make changes and customize things however you wish, including integrating with other products such as Microsoft’s line of software.

With a SaaS solution, you’re subscribing to something that’s already been developed. It runs accordingly, but there is less for you to customize. You will lose some control over the application.

Office Hoteling is the Best Way to Manage on Site Resources

The bottom line is that office hoteling allows you to manage space on-site for employees working in person. A cloud-based solution is the best option to ensure you can tailor the application to your needs. Moreover, you can integrate it with other products you may use.

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