Different ideas for Creating Compelling, Authentic Video Content

Different ideas for Creating Compelling, Authentic Video Content

Video content is the next significant change that can create wonders for your company. It would help if you came up with engaging video ideas to keep your audience engaged with your content. However, several brands are now following the norm and are now coming up with video content for their brand. Therefore, you must come up with something that differentiates your brand from others and removes the clutter for your audience.

One piece of advice for video content that always works is your brand identity to create a difference. It’s a clear win-win when you use colors and graphics that establish your identity and set you apart from other brands. You can use several ideas to create exciting videos that will grab your audience’s attention. Once you crack the code and understand the kind of content working the best for you, you can ace the video content game for your brand.

Ideas for Video Content

There are several ideas that you can incorporate into your videos. These ideas must be unique and should be refreshing for your viewers. Listed below are some ways to create compelling and authentic video content.

Know Your Objective

If you are planning to create a video that engages with your audience, you will have to make sure that you know the objective of your video. Once you understand why you are creating a video, you will get a creative direction for the video. For instance, if your objective is to raise awareness about your product, you can think of an ad film that breaks taboos and make people aware of what your product does.

On the other hand, you can create a’ how-to’ video to tell people how to use your product. You will have to plan your video content before shooting your video. It would be best if you also had a target audience in your mind as it will give direction to your video.

Understand the Pain Points

Before you start shooting your videos, you must understand your consumer’s pain points. When you know the pain points, you can use your videos as a tool to solve those pain points. Several video makers and marketers commit the mistake of assuming certain aspects and then creating the video.

You can survey to understand the things that bother the consumers and are related to the problem that your product or service is trying to solve. Once you know the pain points, your video will get a better direction. There might be cases where you might even realize that your initial content is far away from the customers’ pain points.

Use Client Testimonials

The most acceptable video content that you can share on your social media channels is client testimonials. You can ask your most loyal customers to record a video explaining how they feel about your products and services. Also, these videos engage better with the audience as they can relate to the content.

Consumers are always looking for people like them to share their share of experiences of using the product. These real-life stories have the potential to become great content if given the correct creative direction. You can use a good video maker to edit the videos sent by your client and make them ready for the social media channels.

Experiment With the Script

Several marketers decide on a script for their videos, and they tend to stick to it. You might get the results you desire, but you might not be able to shine. A little bit of creative freedom is essential for everyone so that there is always room for improvement.

Also, too much dependency on the script can affect the authenticity of the video, and the natural elements will not come out that fine. Also, if you stick to the script for every shot, the video might give a robotic effect. You must read through your script to get an overall idea and then exercise your creative freedom while creating your video.

Use the Human Factor

You might create elaborate videos, but they will fail to have the effect that humans have when they are placed in a video. You must make good use of the human factor while creating compelling content for your viewers. When a human describes their experience in the videos, it is more likely to get more attention than a video with no humans.

It is vital to showcase your product or service, but it improves when you let a human do it. The buyers always want to see people consuming the product or the service so that it seems relatable to them. Also, the presence of a human adds emotions to the videos, which is much needed.

Understand Your Audience

Your video might be one of the best videos, but if your target customers cannot relate to it, the video is practical and of no use. It is imperative to understand your audience and then finalize a direction for your videos.

Once you know what your audience wants, you will get the creative direction for the video. Suppose your brand wants to target the youth, it will have to develop something quirky with trending music to grab the target group’s attention. Similarly, you will have to find patterns in your target group and guide your videos.


While having creative freedom is important, maintaining consistency with your video content is equally important. It would help if you established a style and a brand guideline for your videos that you must use every time you create one.

For instance, if you employ people to showcase the utility of your products, you must try not to eliminate the human factor in your next video. You will have to build a pattern for your videos. While viewers love surprises, they also love it if you can maintain the familiarity of content so that they feel at ease while watching your videos.

Use Generated Content

Viewers want to see people like them using the product. While testimonials are doing well, user-generated content can work wonders for your brand. When someone from the audience or your target group creates the content, it creates more trust among the audience.

Also, user-generated content has the potential to increase the reach of the video. Therefore, you need to collect all of these user-generated content pieces and then weave them into a beautiful video as a brand.


The video tips listed above will help you create innovative videos that stand out from the crowd. Before shooting and editing your videos, you must understand your audience and what they want. Once you get a direction, you can formulate a strategy to start shooting your video.

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