4 Legal Steps to take if you Get Into An Accident In Someone Else’s Car?

4 Legal Steps to take if you Get Into An Accident In Someone Else’s Car?

After an accident people end up shaking. The intense and shocking situation that an accident can be in is understandably unsettling. However, there are still some legal steps we’ll have to do to untangle legal proceedings afterward. This goes double in case you were driving another person’s car when the accident happens.

1. Gather information

After you’ve been checked by medical professionals and made sure you are safe, it’s time to gather appropriate information. This includes evidence from the scene such as eyewitnesses and information about the other people involved in the accident. The medical personnel can also provide extra information on your current state which can come in handy later.

Understanding what your current condition is and having it available for your later court proceedings. Any info gathered now will be useful later.

2. Contact an attorney

After gathering evidence, we also need to get into contact with an attorney. The most important part of this action is finding a good attorney. Somebody properly experienced in the field that works with traffic accidents is a must. No matter whose car an accident occurs in, a great attorney to inform ourselves with will do well in providing us with ample advice.

With a good amount of evidence from the previous step, we will end up with a quick resolution of our case. With the available tools at their disposal, the verdict should be rather clear. Of course, the quality and overall presence of attorneys can vary by location. If you need an Oxnard car accident attorney we suggest checking here.

3. Contact the appropriate insurance company

Next up is contacting an appropriate insurance company. If the accident occurs in somebody else’s car, you will end up with a few questions. The first one is which one to call. The answer varies depending on the circumstances. If you are a relative of the person who owns the car and lives in the same household, it will apply to you.

There is also a bit of a gray area when it comes to roommates and similar relationships. While they live under your roof they don’t immediately count for the requirements of the policy. Oxnard’s car accident attorney can help you understand and discern how the policy affects them.

The main driver may also have you on their policy as a part of their list. Lastly, you may have been given the car with a specific goal in mind. Being able to confirm any three of these will make the insurance company of the car owner cover the costs. If none of these apply, you will have to contact your own insurance and see what can be done about the accident.

4. Determine damages and resolve it

The last step in this whole process, after the appropriate court processes have taken place, is to get paid for any liable expenses. Insurance companies will usually have a cap on the number of expenses they are ready to cover which will also depend on the company you choose. If the original owner of the car and the insurance policy has insurance that doesn’t fully cover costs, your insurance will be asked to cover the difference. Potentially resulting in a completely covered bill. This may involve attorney costs which the aforementioned Oxnard car accident attorney may not even need if it’s only minor advice you seek at the start of the proceedings.

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