4 Tips on How To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

4 Tips on How To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

For parents, pregnancy is such an exciting phase to be in! It is very natural for first-time parents to want to share the excitement that they have with the world, especially with their family members. Some may find it anxious on how to tell them and what their reaction might be. There is no easy way to tell parents you’re pregnant.

For some, it may be a traumatic experience. Others might have the worst time imaginable. But if you’re prepared to handle these situations, you’ll be able to face them with a smile and help ease their worry and confusion. Regardless of age, it can be stressful to make decisions about pregnancy. Breaking the news to your parents or caregiver will make you worry especially if you are still a teenager. Take a deep breath right now and tell yourself that you can do this!

Here are four steps that can help you tell your parents that you’re pregnant as smoothly as possible

Why tell your parents?

It is important to tell your parents about this news because their number one job is to keep you thriving, healthy, and safe, from your birth to adulthood. No matter if you plan ways on how to tell parents you’re pregnant, you have to keep in mind that their reaction is out of your control. They need time to gather their thoughts and digest the news about you having a baby.

It is still vital to tell your parents no matter what in a way that you will have them to be your guide during your pregnancy especially if you will become a solo parent. Your parents will surely be a big help when that happens.

Determine the best time to tell them

There’s no such thing as the best time to tell your parents about your pregnancy other than the time that you think you are ready. If it is a pregnancy that is not planned, before telling your parents, let yourself and your partner take some time to process the situation first. However, in a situation where family relationships are good, the answer to when it should be announced is still up to you. More likely, they inform family members after the 14-week mark of pregnancy. This allows them to make sure that the findings in the ultrasound are normal. After waiting for those periods, it is best to plan on how to tell parents you’re pregnant.  If you’re not ready to tell, don’t tell it yet. You have to take your time. It is so important to do it when you are ready.

Talk with your partner and make a plan

Let your partner know right away if you did not find it together. Process your pregnancy journey with your partner first. After taking time to process your situation, it is time to plan on how to tell parents you’re pregnant. It is very vital that you have to communicate in an effective manner when you talk to them. You need to prepare how you are going to explain to them about your pregnancy. Take in mind how you will share your feelings about the pregnancy and your feelings towards them. You need to be open about being sorry when needed and how you need much of their support at this milestone of yours. Be ready to answer their questions as well. Most of all, be ready for their reaction after you tell them the news. Anticipate how they will react.

Plan a meeting with your parents to discuss the situation

 Now that you made plans about how to tell parents you’re pregnant, it is time to pick the right time to make a conversation with them. Aside from deciding the right time to tell them, it is also important to pick a time where you think your parents are receptive the most. If possible, it is best to tell them in person. Even if you prefer to text or email them out of fear about their reaction, having a sit-down, face-to-face conversation can help maintain clarity on both sides, and misinformation and confusion can be avoided as well. Again, you can’t control their reaction, just give them time to process the situation, and soon enough you will have a helping hand as you walk through your pregnancy journey!

Talking to your parents is a good way in order to sort through several issues that arise and the many emotions you are having. They can help you make important decisions and are able to support your choices. Parents can also be a source of encouragement and guidance. If you think that the news could be a difficult situation in your family, take to heart that difficulties, at times, are the ones that can bring the family closer than ever. It is a time to discover support, kindness, forgiveness, teamwork, and acceptance.

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