Why Instagram is an Excellent Marketing Platform for Businesses

Why Instagram is an Excellent Marketing Platform for Businesses

In the business world, social media has long been regarded with an element of suspicion. Can it be that these hives of cat memes and emojis are truly good for business? But over time, the likes of Facebook and Twitter have shown just how important social media marketing can be – especially when posts go viral and small businesses end up with a huge boost in their sales. But Instagram may now be taking the baton from these two earlier social media sites. It helps in becoming one of the best places to promote your firm in the online space. Here’s why:

Engaged Audience 

As you might have noticed, the past few years have seen Facebook engagement reduce while Instagram use has shot up. It’s easy to see why: the latter is far more user-friendly, vibrant, and young. And still has many of the core features that initially made Facebook so popular. So, while a 25-year-old might check their Facebook page once a week. They’re likely checking the Instagram feed multiple times per day. So, any advert that you place on social media ought to be on that more visited platform, rather than the older platforms users once loved.

Better Content 

Content on Instagram is arranged in closely aligned tessellated squares, which means that one screen can often show multiple different posts from any business. Content is also more dynamic, with photos and videos preferred over textual posts. That makes everything more bright, engaging, and easy to digest – which is important in an age of ever-shortening attention spans. If your business can create compelling visual media, you’ll be sure to gather more interest and followers on Instagram.

Marketing Features 

Instagram is replete with marketing features that help businesses get their posts seen by the people that mean the most to them. Aside from Instagram influencers (who are an excellent resource for businesses in their own right). You are also able to target adverts to the users who you’re most interested in attracting to your page. You can run features like Instagram polls, which are an engaging way to gather data from your followers. Also by setting up a competition that’ll get people excited. Finally, you’re always able to use Instagram’s live stream feature. It is the perfect way to get people to watch what you have to say and listen to your business’ values.


While TikTok appears to be a rising star in the social media world, it’s Instagram that looks set to stay, unchallenged, as the leader when it comes to social media in the future. While Facebook might have the most global users, Instagram has far more engaged users in countries in Europe and across the United States. This means that your target consumers will be on Instagram for the coming years. It’s a platform that feels modern and sleek. Something that will keep people coming back for more, while older platforms struggle to gain more engagement.

Instagram is a fantastic place to base your social media marketing – especially if you’re interested in engaging with younger, more active users.

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