Importance of A Pregnancy Contraction Timer

Importance of A Pregnancy Contraction Timer

If you feel that you might be proceeding to a hospital then a baby contraction timer is going to determine whether you need to head over to the hospital or not. With a calculator or a stopwatch you can keep a count of the contractions but it is not that accurate. For the would-be mothers, it is a reliable tool to assist in their contractions. There are various tools that would enable proper counting of the contractions. This can be downloaded and you can go on to share it with your friends and family.

How you are going to use the pregnancy contraction timer?

The moment you feel a tightening sensation you need to press the start button. This can be felt from inside or even while placing your hand on the belly. This would be the starting of a single contraction. The moments you feel the relaxation of uterus press the stop button. Continue with the process of contractions in order to check out the intervals of the contractions. Close to 8 readings are necessary in order to figure out more about the frequency and intervals of the contractions. The key is to understand how far the contractions are apart from each other.

The time of the contractions

With a pregnancy contraction timer, you can start to time a few contractions. You need to start timing a single contraction from the starting to the end. In case if you have gone on to miss contraction do not start in the middle and wait for the next one to begin.

  • It does happen at regular intervals of time
  • It becomes longer and stronger over a period of time
  • Becomes more frequent
  • If you change positions it keeps on occurring

How would it feel if you are heading towards labor?

Proceeding towards labor is pretty much like period gains where it can range from severe to extreme. It tends to differ in each and every woman. You are going to suffer from cramps, headache or a combination of both. You could also feel heaviness or acne in the lower part of the tummy. The false contractions tend to occur in the groin or the front area. It tends to originate in the back but it would never move towards the front.

If the contraction tends to occur between 3 to 4 minutes and even after you are lying down or walking it is not going to go away this could point to the occurrence of labor. At this point in time, you might have to secure an appointment with your doctor. You need to provide details of the contraction to your doctor, and whether they are longer or even coming together.

If you have read this article then chances are your baby has not even been born yet. This means we might be just in time to want you about a common condition most people don’t know about that can form during pregnancy. Have you ever heard of abdominal diastasis? This condition in pregnant women forms whenever a woman’s abdomen becomes separated from her midline. This can be a very painful condition to deal with for any new or experienced mother. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to treat if you catch it early enough. Treatment can be as simple as using a girdle or waist trainer along with abdominal exercises in order to keep the abdomen tight and strong.

To conclude the true contractions start at the back and then move towards the abdomen. The false ones go on to cause hardening of the belly. They are not that painful and you are going to get 4 to 5 contractions at a time and all of a sudden it is going to vanish.

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