What is the Best Money Transfer App to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya

What is the Best Money Transfer App to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya

If you’re one of the immigrants in a foreign land, then there are high chances that you’ve received a request to send money back to your home country. And this request might have gotten you unexpectedly, and you wondered what best way to use it for the transfer. A money transfer app is the most convenient way to move funds internationally, especially in Africa. Yes, you can use a bank to make this transfer, but there are just too many technicalities involved in the process. These can hinder the fast and smooth movement of funds.

Most people abroad send money to either Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya. And quite recently, there has been an influx of different money transfer apps, which has left many confused about the right one to pick. This article has looked at the best ones in the market, which will help you move funds effortlessly and conveniently. Here they are:

Afriex Money Transfer App

Afriex is a new entrant into the money transfer app market but has proven to be a reliable and convenient option. It has given the other established money transfer apps a run for their money – literally.

This effective financial app even has provisions for cryptocurrencies if you wish to explore that niche. And you can send money to loved ones even in times of emergencies where it needs to get there soon enough.

When it comes to fees, they are quite affordable and don’t overprice their services. You can send money even to the most remote places in Africa without running your accounts dry in the process – well unless you decide to send everything in your account at home.

OFX Money Transfer App

This is yet another well-established money transfer app that you can use to move funds to Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya. However, it is particularly best for large transfers that are above $7,500. The more you spend, the better value you get and the more economical it is in terms of fees and charges. But if you’re sending lower amounts, then we wouldn’t really recommend you use this app for your transfers.

It would be better to choose other apps to transfer lower amounts of money. In fact, their minimum transfer limit is $1,000. But the good thing is that they don’t have a ceiling or upper limit on how much you can send abroad.


transfer money online

Wise has been around for a while now and has helped many transfer money to African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. It is an online money transfer app that offers a cheap and fast way to transfer funds between countries.

The best part about using Wise is that they can offer you fee discounts. This is especially true when you’re sending large sums of money. But at the same time, their rates for low sums aren’t bad either. They are actually cheap when you compare them with some of the other big names in the industry.

Just to show you how low their fees are, they charge about 0.5 to 1 percent of the total transfer amount as fees. Their exchange rate is also identical to the base rate. Wise has limits on how much your transaction can be at one time.  This depends on the country that you’re transferring the funds to. Nonetheless, the limits are very generous and will typically meet the needs of most users on this app.

PayPal Money Transfer App

PayPal is one of the most popular money transfer apps of this generation. It is also one of the oldest, having been established back in the 90s. Even in the corporate world, many are familiar with and use PayPal for most of their transactions.

This money transfer app has been established for a long time. It has impressive security too. It also has a broad network of countries that you can send money to, including Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.

PayPal is appropriate for making money transfers as established business partners or even to family and friends overseas. In this case, using PayPal to send money overseas will cost you 5% of the total amount that you’re sending. In case you’re funding the transaction using a debit card, then you can expect to spend a further 2.9%.

We strongly advise you to use PayPal when sending less than $300 overseas. It is quite economical in this case.

Western Union

western union

Lastly, western union is another money transfer app that we would like to show you if you want to send money overseas. It is the largest money transfer app in the world. They have over half a million agents all over the world. But the only downside to using them is that they don’t have friendly exchange rates and fees.

Their transfers can be instant due to their massive reach of collection points. Their transfer fees aren’t easy to comprehend because they vary from one country to the other.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best money transfer app, we advise that you consider the ones on this list, as they are the finest in the market.

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