Best Android Apps for Wi-Fi Password Hacking

Best Android Apps for Wi-Fi Password Hacking

How to Hack Wifi Passwords with Android Apps?

Most probably, everyone would be thinking about this question, how to hack wifi passwords. Are you also one of them? These days people having smartphones without internet is of no use. A phone without internet seems like a featured phone, which people used to have in previous times. Such phones are just used to dial a number or to attend a call only.

Not a single person would like to have such types of phones today. The Internet has become an essential part of the mobile phone user’s life. It’s hard to use a phone without the internet. People get frustrated whenever their internet is not working due to any reason. People get so worried and frustrated sometimes just because of slow internet or no internet. If you open your wi-fi and see a huge list of wi-fi networks, then you don’t need to be worry anymore. As we will provide you solutions such as working wi-fi hacker. Below are the techniques to hack wifi passwords with android apps. There are so many wi-fi hacking apps that actually work. Read below about a few of the best apps to hack wifi on android phones:

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WiFi Hacker: WPA WPS Tester

The Wi-fi WPA WPS tester allows you to display the password of the wi-fi connection you are using. This app does not need the address of the root. This is one of the most-used apps by android phone users to access any protected wi-fi connection. Day by day it’s getting smarter. Now it can also hack the wi-fi connections which are highly secured. If you are using the WPA WPS Tester application for android then you don’t need to root your android device to crack wi-fi password. Each app comes with Pros and Cons. In the same way, this app also has some good and bad qualities. Below are all of them:


  • User Friendly
  • Easy to use the app
  • Totally Free of cost
  • This app can help you when you forget your wi-fi password
  • Assist in testing and hacking the wi-fi 


  • If you are using the below Lollipop version then having root access is important
  • The desktop version is not available
  • Ads interruption

WiFi Hacker: WIFI WPS WPA Hacker Prank apk

If we talk about this app, it is one of the most useful wifi stealer apps. This app is free to download. You can download or install this app on any android device which supports 21 API and the above version of it. You can challenge your friends with this app about hacking their secured WiFi network. WIFI WPS WPA Hacker Prank apk app allows you to crack the passwords of all the nearby networks showing into your android phone.

It is a professional app. You can prank your friends with this application. Visit your friend’s house and run this application into your android phone. The fake password will appear on your screen. Show it to your friend. He might be shocked. In this way, you can fool them.


  • This app is totally fun which is used in pranking
  • You can pretend to be an expert hacker
  • Make your friends fool


  • This app is just for pranking
  • You cannot access the secured WiFi with this app
  • Not used to hack password

WiFi Hacker: WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden is an android application to hack wifi on android. It is used for WiFi device monetarization. The application assists you in hacking WiFi very easily. It is one of the easy-to-use apps. WiFi Warden can view the saved passwords without even attaching them to the root.

With this app, any person can view all the necessary information required to know the password of a particular wi-fi network.


  • User friendly
  • Easily connect with the router
  • The app is totally free
  • Does not take much time to hack the password


  • App uses a passphrase, which restricts to connect with all types of router
  • It is necessary to enable WPS
  • Can be risky to use as some features are still in the testing phase

WiFi Hacker: WiFi Kill Pro Apk

WiFi Kill Pro Apk is the finest app to control the wifi access. Basically, it is a controller app. If you are an admin then you can control the user access by installing this wifi kill app for android.  You can disable the Internet connection of other connected users with your wifi network. This app is useful when someone wants to control or improve their data limit and speed also. The app is only available for android users. You need root access to use the features of the app.


  • The app can make visible all the connected devices on the same network
  • Facilitate to check the data usage ratio of all the connected devices
  • Can disable any of the other connected devices
  • Can have an eye on all the activities


  • Having root access is necessary
  • Only compatible with 4.0.3 android version or above

WiFi Hacker: Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro is a free application and compatible with android phones. It is a great handy app. The app has gained so much popularity among penetration testers. It is a very easy-to-use app for penetration testing on android phones. Without having the knowledge of wifi password penetrate pro is used to find WPA and WEP keys.


  • Available free of cost
  • Without having Key knowledge can connect to the network
  • Nearby networks can be easily hacked


  • App need to download manually
  • Application is not available on the google play store

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