What Does the Colour of Your Shoe Lace Code Tell About You?

What Does the Colour of Your Shoe Lace Code Tell About You?

Fashion is the main thing which can explain, what kind of personality you are? You would be amazed to know that your shoe lace code plays an important role in your life. They have become an essential part of your day-to-day life. At tiny age, children learn to tie his/her shoelace code. They are also a vital part of the athlete’s life. Before going into the ground athletes tie up their lace tightly. Almost every people secure their shoes by lace codes as they step out to work, school, or office.

Punk lace code not only secures your shoes but also prevents you from any type of injury. While playing on the ground there are a lot of chances to get injured. In this case, the code of lace helps you to prevent such kinds of injuries. It can be said that lace codes have become a good part of modernization. The race of life is completed by your feet. So, your feet need extra comfort and care which can only be provided by punk lace code.

What is Lace Code?

People living in the punk community know the value of lace color very well. In the punk lace society, you can explain everything about a person by just having a look at his shoelaces. The color of lace explains their different views on race. It is one of the most ancient ways of communication in the society of punk.

Ladder lacing was a popular way to tie up the shoelaces. It prevents the lacing from crossing each other. The lace code method was developed by a community in a country. Later on, it was followed by so many other countries. In the 1980s Southern California punk started using this shoelace trend to spread a totally different message. It tells the gender of a person. People can judge by the lace color of a human being’s gender.


Yellow lace code means that a person is anti-racist. The Anti-racist people wear these color shoelaces to distant themselves from the racist ones. But now the new generation has started to take their stand against this rule. They have started raising their voice through various platforms. One of the famous platforms for raising voice is social media.

White & Red:

The white lace code and red lace code meaning are totally opposite to the yellow one. People wearing such lace colors means they are white supremacists or Nazis. People used to earn these lace by shedding out their blood. Punk, who is still following these laces’ codes, knows the value of red and white shoelaces. Wearing red or white laces makes them feel more proud. As it gives them the right to call themselves white supremacists out for their views.


Blue lace code means that the person has killed a cop. These days blue matters a lot. This lacing method has huge meanings if someone understands it. Different people judge it from a different point of view.

In this world, there are people with different mind-set. Some people judge and wear shoelaces purposely. Some wear it just for fashion. If you look at today’s modern generation, they wear shoes and shoelaces without judging them according to the color meaning. The culture of lace code is totally dead.

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