GogoPDF’s PDF Converter: Functions And Features

GogoPDF’s PDF Converter: Functions And Features

GogoPDF is a web-based software that can help you convert your PDF or any file formats with ease. Not only that, but they also offer many tools to assist you with PDF. And since it is based online, you can easily access and search for them through any browser. GogoPDF is very reliable and safe to use, and when converting, your files are at the highest quality, and all format and layout are intact and modifiable. With that said, here’s a brief PDF converter functions and a few of its features.

The Only PDF Converter You’ll Ever Need

Almost every person uses PDF to exchange or present data reliably. This portable file format is the most useful, easy, and secure format in the market. But sometimes it is not what you always need. You will have to transform or convert your PDF file into various file formats at a particular point in time. If you want to make a presentation, you need PowerPoint. If you need to convert a JPG image into PDF, it is also possible. Other than that, you can also do the conversion vice versa, meaning you can have different document formats and turn it into a PDF file.

Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, or even HTML to PDF conversion is also available in GogoPDF. Even though the process of converting your files using the GogoPDFs converter tool is quick and easy, the system will give you a high-quality result. It would be a tiresome thing to manually type again all the PDF file’s content or the other way around, and also, it will consume all of your time. Good thing, GogoPDF is always on the go whenever you need them.

This service of this website makes your life a lot easier, and also, it is free of charge. You only have to upload the files, and the system will do the rest. Here are some converter features of GogoPDF:

1. Word to PDF

PDF is used best for making magazines, contracts, brochures, or resumes. This tool will help you convert any Word documents into a PDF file. Most individuals prefer to have their documents in PDF since the format retains the document’s integrity. Despite using different devices or various operating systems, the quality and the original layout and formatting of the file is intact and not compromised. If you have word documents, the tool will quickly complete the conversion process before you know it and give you a result of a professional-looking file.

2.  PDF to Excel

A PDF is the world’s standard format, especially for document sharing. Its excellent features make them famous, the top-level security, and the professional look it gives. However, when it comes to copying tables from your original file, you will need to paste it on a word document first, then copy and paste it again to the Excel spreadsheet, making this method a lot tiresome, particularly if you have so many files. Whenever you need to do so, the PDF to Excel tool is always available through the web. It will efficiently transform your file and maintain the texts, images, layout, font, and even the color of the original file.

3. HTML to PDF

In this current society where everyone is tech-savvy, IT becomes an essential thing in our daily life. You can do anything online quickly and efficiently, and even anyone does it. You have to master a programming language like HTML to be above everyone since HTML is the support of most likely all web pages. When creating such websites, you need to have excellent protection for your codes. With that, you can encrypt a PDF to keep it from an unauthorized person accessing the contents. Aside from that, when you decide to share it with someone, all data is safe.

Cloud Security

Since it is an online-based software, using the converter tool will not require you to install the software and download its tools on your device. The process is done online, and every document is directly saved into the cloud.


Converting PDFs or vice versa is so much easier if you only have the right and perfect tools. Go to the GogoPDFs site immediately to learn more about them and know what other features they can offer and help you. You will be greatly astonished at what more they can do about PDFs.

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