Top Indoor Activities to Do When Staying in Gatlinburg Cabins

Top Indoor Activities to Do When Staying in Gatlinburg Cabins

A vacation to the smoky mountains in Gatlinburg sounds awesome. When visiting the area, you can either choose to camp at the Gatlinburg campgrounds or the Gatlinburg cabins. Besides the many outdoor activities in the Smokies, there are countless indoor activities to engage in. The cabins are luxurious and spacious. Some of them have indoor and outdoor pools. The log cabins are wonderful and comfortable to live in. Take a vacation to the smoky mountains and enjoy the fun of home away from home in the amazing Gatlinburg cabins. For indoor tourists and those taking a break from the outside, do not get bored. Below are some indoor activities to enjoy. 

The Ripley’s odditorium

The Ripley’s odditorium, believe it or not, is one of the best attractions to spend time indoors. It is in an unusual-looking building and is about 10,000-20,000 square feet (about four times the area of a basketball court). The display in each odditorium ranges between shocking, strange, and adorable. The main attractions are the arty works from everyday objects, the magnificent collections, and the odd hobbies. Most of the displays are interactive, which means you can see them come to life. The amazing exhibitions at these museums will arouse your curiosity to long for another visit while staying in the Gatlinburg cabins. 

The Guinness World Records

The Guinness book of records is known to almost all people. All the awards and records are found in the smoky mountains. As you enjoy your vacation in the Gatlinburg cabins, take a tour to the Guinness World Records Adventure. Embarking on this adventure is like bringing the Guinness book of records to life, as you see the world’s recorded exhibitions and interactive games. Your family has a chance to enjoy games like Quick Draw and Block Breaker. Take a challenge to feature in the World Guinness Book of records. 

The Haunted Adventure

Ever heard of haunted houses? Well, Ripley’s Haunted Adventures take this experience to the next level.  Live actors hide in all the corners to scare you. Take note, only ages 6 years and above are allowed. This attraction uses lights and other bewildering effects to accomplish the scare effect. If you do not get scared by the monsters, consider yourself brave. 

The Live Shows

One of the best indoor activities while staying in the Gatlinburg cabins is attending the theater shows. The Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre stages live shows and comedy for its visitors. For those who love comedy and appreciate theatrical talents, this is the place to be. The actors at times interact with the audience during the performance. 

The Kids Wonderworks

The wonderwork’s upside-down building catches children’s attention the moment they see it. There are many active exhibitions for kids including the laser tag arena. The displays are educational and stimulate kids to use logic, creativity, and their daily imaginations. There is also a theatre to top up the adventure.

Staying in Gatlinburg cabins should not be boring. The first step to enjoying indoor activities is to be prepared. Choose the indoor activities to engage in every day and make your vacation memorable.

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