A Guide to Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

A Guide to Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Most businesses with a warehouse use pallets to try and keep everything tidy, safely stored, and easy to find and reach. However, in order for all those conditions to be met, the right pallet racking needs to be in place. Just because single pallets take a lot of space. This is where heavy duty pallet racking comes in.

Here are four different types of heavy-duty pallet racking systems:

  • Wide aisle adjustable racking (APR)

This type of racking is one of the most commonly used. It is easily adjustable to fit any changes to the business and it can be used for industrial, manufacturing, and production purposes, and to store food and d This type of warehouse pallet racking is cost-effective but it requires a forklift truck for full access to the pallet racking.

  • Narrow aisle pallet racking (VNA – very narrow aisle) –

VNA is another popular option that helps make the best use of small spaces, allowing for more products to be stored. It is easy to maneuver but it requires specialized trucks for complete access. Like APR it is suitable for industrial, manufacturing, and production purposes, and to store food and d

  • Double deep racking

It is similar to APR but instead of one row of racking you get two, which allows pallets to be stored two or four pallets deep between aisles. Even with the extra row pallets are easily accessible by specialized trucks.

  • Drive-in racking

For this type of racking pallets are stored on a rail allowing them to be pushed further back into the warehouse and so utilize more space. This racking also utilises the ‘first in, last out system, which is not advisable for perishable products. Drive-in racking is available in options: single entry racking – only one side is accessible or double entry racking – where both sides are accessible.


When choosing a heavy duty racking, the size of the warehouse and the type of products you need to store are the two big questions that should be answered first.

The third question will be: what type of vehicle will be appropriate for the heavy duty racking you have chosen?

Types of vehicles:

  • Counterbalance forklift truck – loads and unloads from trucks. Runs on electricity, petrol or diesel
  • Reach truck – loads and unloads from racking (including double-deep racking). Used primarily for inside work. Unsuitable to use outside.
  • Narrow aisle turret truck – Ideal for VNA heavy duty pallet racking.

The last decision that needs to be made is what kind of safety product you will require with your heavy duty pallet racking.

  • Safety signs – they can be a warning or educational ones. For example, how to use the different machines or warn of heavy loads
  • Sigma barrier rails – for racking protection
  • Walkway guard barriers – used to show where it is safe to walk
  • Pallet packing protectors – to protect the racking from scratches and dents
  • Line marking – to clearly show loading areas and safe places to walk

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