Sedordle – How to Play 16 Word Worlde Sedordle Game

Sedordle – How to Play 16 Word Worlde Sedordle Game

Almost everyone loves to play video games from action-packed shooter games to challenging strategy games. In this technology era, huge online games are there to try every day because game developers keep creating new content. Recently, Sedordle game is gaining so much popularity in the gaming world. This is one of the best alternatives to Wordle. Fans are addicted to this game. No doubt, it is very much interesting.

Actually, Wordle use to allow only sorting one-word puzzles in a day. But, this was not sufficient for die-hard Wordle devotees. There is good news for the fans of this puzzle game. The good news is that now you can solve 16 word wordle simultaneously. This is possible just because of Sedordle.

16 wordles at once

However, wordle is one of the highly famous word games but due to one world solution a day, the fans are now moving towards Sedordle. However, the reason is clear, the players are getting to figure out 16 wordles at once in this game. Moreover, after the launch of the game, it has crossed 1 million downloads on iOS alone.

In this article, we are going to explain to you everything about sixteen wordle game. Let’s start.

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What is Sedordle Game?

As explained, sedordle is a variant of wordle game. It permits the players to solve 16 words at once. During the last few months, worlde became viral. The game is owned by the New-York times. However, a Brooklyn-based designer named Josh Wardle designed this game for his partner Palak Shah. The game was released in October 2021.

It is a mind game that test the IQ level of players across the globe every day. It allows you to solve out 16 word wordle in a day. There’s also Dordle where you guess two words at a time and Quordle where you guess four. The app can be installed on the desktop, mobile, and smart devices. It finds out the words from your list and then creates a puzzle that you have to solve.

16 word wordle

Furthermore, in Octordle you have to guess eight words at once, and the ultimate challenge is Kilordle where you have to guess a hundred words in a single round of the game. However, while solving the words in Kilordle you can feel a bit irritated because it’s the hardest part of the game.

Sedordle is one the best mind challenging game because it maintains the right balance you have a list of words in front of you to challenge your brain. However, the rules for each step are the same, the only difference is the word’s number.

How to Play 16 Word Wordle Game?

The very first step is to search out the game if you don’t have it on your devices. The game can be played on mobile phones and computers as well. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Once you have successfully found it out then you can download the game. However, it would be great if you have a high-speed wi-fi connection. The game can be downloaded in less time.

After completing the download process, open the game and click on “Start Puzzle”. By doing so, you will enter the 16 word game. Now it will ask you to enter your list of words. You can directly copy and paste the words by finding out from any other word-finding website. Moreover, there is an app name Wordie, from where you can copy the list of words.

Lastly, after you have your rundown of words, click on “track down 16 secret words” or “find 16 secret words utilizing an extra hint.” – Now you can utilize the 16 word game to make word mists, arrange your words, and solve puzzles in a hurry.

Tips and Tricks to Play 16 Word Wordle Game

If you are addicted to this type of game for a long time period then Sedordle may seem like child’s play. On the other hand, if you are a new user then solving 16 wordles at once may seem difficult to you. But once you started playing sedworlde, it will become easy for you as well.

sedordle game

There are sixteen different grids each containing 105 columns (5 horizontal and 21 vertical). In order to start the game, you just need to enter a random five-letter word of your own choice in the first column. However, you can directly copy these words from any other platform and paste them. After entering the words the color of the tiles will be changed. Now you can start guessing the next word, same as wordle.

Furthermore, the tile color is also similar to wordle. The right letter perfectly positioned will turn the tile green, the right letter in some unacceptable spot will turn it yellow, and some unacceptable letter will turn it dim.

With concentration keep an eye on the tiles as well as keep thinking from your vocab. In this way, you will be able to win 16 worlde game.

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Surprising Facts of Sedordle Game

As the game is gaining so much popularity, there are so many amazing facts related to the game. So below are the facts which you should be aware of.

  • The title of the game is like that of the creator.
  • The database for this game is more unmistakable than 2400 terms.
  • The game’s producer doesn’t have even the remotest clue about the estimation of the word that will be immediate.
  • The game was first advanced in 2014.
  • There are different modes associated with this PC game.
  • There will be only a solitary conundrum every day, with six prospects.
  • The game won’t offer you any financial award.
  • Every part will be given a comparable test consistently.
  • These are several captivating pieces of the Sedordle Game.

16 wordle game


How Many Words can be solved in Sedordle?

In sedordle game, you can solve 16 words at once.

Who is the Creator of

Josh Wardle has designed this game.

From where can I Enter the List of worlds in sequordle?

Directly copy from any other vocab source and paste.

When was the Game Launched?

The Game was released in October 2021.


Sedordle is an amazing game sixteen word game for mind exercise. Here you have to find out 16 words at once. No matter, whether you are playing the game on a mobile phone, laptop or tab, it is a fun way for passing your free time. If you are a user of Wordle game then for sure you are going to love 16 words game as well. However, in wordle you get to solve only one word in a day but sedordle game offers you 16 words. Moreover, you can play it with your family and friends. Ultimately it is a fun way for brain exercise and creativity.

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