Customizable Range Hoods: 6 Features You Can Alternate

Customizable Range Hoods: 6 Features You Can Alternate

The range hood is the unsung hero of any kitchen. It catches all the smoke, grease, and steam that comes with cooking, pulling it away from you and your food, so you don’t have to inhale it.

Many people don’t think about their range hood until they need to replace their old one. You can purchase one that will match your needs to have efficient cooking sessions. To make sure you get the most out of your range hood, here are some features you can customize on your CopperSmith Range Hoods.

What are the Benefits of customizing your range hood?

Customized range hoods are designed to fit into any space and blend seamlessly into any room’s décor. Whether you have an ample open kitchen space or an old Victorian-style house, you can customize a range hood that looks great in any environment.

Most people choose the material of their custom-made hood based on its durability and longevity, but there are other factors to consider, such as how much maintenance it needs and how much noise it produces when venting hot air out of the kitchen. If you have an unusual kitchen design or need a specific feature in your range hood, getting one built specifically for your home will be the best option.

Coppersmith Range Hoods Features You Can Customize

1.   Lighting

The lighting fixture is the most important part of any range hood. It should be bright enough to illuminate your cooking surface and see what you’re doing when cooking. The lights should be adjustable to focus on your workspace or point them to an area with no lights (like a stovetop).

Adding more Lighting is a great way to add some pizzazz to a range hood. It can highlight the range hood’s design and serve as an added safety feature for those who are hard to see.

Most range hoods use either LED or Halogen lights. However, LED bulbs are much better than halogen bulbs. Energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and durability make them a wise choice. The toxic fumes released by kitchen stoves are too much for your average LED bulb to handle.

For the best performance, ensure that the LED bulbs in your range hood can withstand fumes, dirt, grease, heat, and vibration. Thus, you only need to look for range hood-specific LED bulbs.

2.    Fan Speed

A range hood with multiple speeds is ideal for any kitchen layout. A low-speed setting is excellent for light cooking. A higher speed will clear smoke from a greasy pan or deep fryer. Besides the standard fan speed settings, getting a range hood with variable fan speeds is possible. This gives you more control over how much air you want coming out of your range hood, which can save energy and reduce noise.

3.   Design

A range hood should match the rest of your kitchen decor, so take time to pick one that matches your style. This includes colors and materials used in construction.

There are many designs available for you to choose from. You can choose from traditional, modern, or contemporary designs. Depending on your kitchen layout and overall décor, you can choose various finishes that will match your kitchen.

4.   Material

A variety of materials can construct over-the-range hoods, including:

Copper: Range hoods made of copper have a timeless look and feel. The deep, rich colors of copper add depth and beauty to almost any kitchen design. CopperSmith Range Hoods are customized to match your preferences for finish and style.

Brass: The beauty and stunning appearance of brass range hoods make them very popular. The alloy consists primarily of copper and zinc. The percentage of zinc to be used will determine how the color changes. Its resemblance to gold makes brass popular, but its colors range from red to yellow. As a metal, it is very strong and durable.

Stainless steel: A stainless steel hood is highly sought after since it is durable, flexible, and won’t rust or corrode. With little maintenance, it will work with almost any design style in the kitchen.

The Materials used not only add aesthetics and functionality but also make maintenance easier. Despite their attractive appearance, range hoods made of porous materials like wood can be difficult to clean after they absorb grease. Besides stains, this can create off-putting smells.

5.   Size

The size of your range hood should be proportional to the size of your kitchen, but bigger isn’t always better. If your kitchen is small, then it’s okay if you have a smaller-sized range hood. However, if your kitchen is big, consider buying a larger one since it will take longer for the smoke to disappear.

6.   Exhaust Timer

Next, you need to decide whether you want an exhaust timer. This will automatically turn on and off depending on how long it’s been running. This can save you money on electricity bills, especially if your exhaust timer has an energy-saving feature built in.

7.   Filters

Most range hoods come with filters to help filter the air and make it more breathable. These are usually thin and easy to clean and replace. It is possible to choose between three range hood filters: stainless steel baffles, aluminum meshes, and charcoal. Your range hood filters should be cleaned or replaced every one to three months or more frequently if you cook frequently.

Custom range hood filters can be created if you cannot find the name-brand range filter you are looking for. You can choose a size, a filter type, and the dimensions by typing in the desired dimensions.


Customizing your range hood is a perfect way to add spice to your kitchen. Not only that, but it’s a good resale feature because it can also double as a conversation starter. The one thing you should always keep in mind when customizing your range hood is to make sure it doesn’t limit the use of your appliances. Just remember, it’s essential to find one that will work with your current mission style and design theme, but it could also uniquely enhance your home’s aesthetic.

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