What is RIP Full Form?

What is RIP Full Form?

RIP Full Form

When a person dies, people write RIP. You must have also used this word, but do you know what is the full form of rip?

In this article, we will tell you full form of rip. If you are searching for rip full form, then you have visited at the right place. As we are going to explain to you everything about the phrase RIP. If you are interested in also knowing the meaning of RIP then we will assist you in that. You must have heard people using such words. It is common like others which you use in your daily life such as hi, hello, How are you, etc. Let’s read about full form of rip.

What is RIP?

Regularly in our life, while talking to each other we use different types of words. In between these words, there are huge words in those short forms we use. In the era of technology, we are connected with each other via social media platforms. We use various social media applications to chat with our friends and relatives. While chatting to each other we mostly use short forms of the words. Sometimes we use the short forms of words without having the knowledge of their full form. We just heard them from our society and start using them.

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People avoid typing lengthy words while chatting. For example, we type how are you as hw r u? I love you as I lv u. There is a huge list of such kinds of words. RIP is also one of them. Some people don’t know rip full form till now. RIP word is a short form.

full form of rip

What is RIP Full Form and Meaning?

RIP full form is rest in peace. When someone leaves this world or die then rip word is used. If you are a social media user then you must have gone through a post where people writing rip word in the comment box of that post. The Rip word is used to express sadness on someone’s death. The tendency of using this word started from Catholics. Catholics used to write R.I.P. word on the graves of a dead person.

After death, the dead person goes into resting mode forever. People often use this word while wishing for the peace of the soul. If we try to understand this word in Hindi then rest means rest and peace means peace and when we say Rest in Peace together then it means to rest with peace of soul. When people die RIP word is used to express condolence on his death. It is a highly used word by the Christian religion people. Christian people do not burn the dead body, instead of bury it.

Where The RIP Word Came From?

Some people explain the full form of rip in English as Return if possible, which is totally incorrect. The actual full form of rip is Rest in Peace. RIP word came from a Latin word Requiescat in Pace.

The intention of using this word after a person’s death is to pray to God for peace. We pray to God to bring peace to the dead person’s soul. When the dead bodies are buried, you must have seen their tomb having written RIP on it. So, it is rip full form meaning.

What Is the History of RIP word?

During the fifth century, people found RIP written on tombstones. After that in the 18th century, it became so common to write RIP in every tomb. Roman Catholics and Christians use to write it. So, now whenever you go to anyone’s funeral, you can use the rip word. As of now, you are aware of full form of rip.


We have discussed what is the full form of rip. As well as we have explained about the meaning of rip. The full form of rip is rest in peace. Which Christian people use to write on the dead people tomb of dead people. Hope, now you are fully aware of rip full form.

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