HTTP Full Form: What is Full Form of HTTP?

HTTP Full Form: What is Full Form of HTTP?

Today we will be discussing HTTP Full Form. While using the internet, you all must have seen Http before any domain name. But do you know, what is the full form of http? If you are searching for what is http full form, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to explain to you HTTP full form in computer as well as HTTPS full form. So read the full form of HTTP. Why HTTP is used, advantages, etc. Also, we will let you know the difference between http and https.

What is HTTP?

Http is a protocol. This protocol helps the various resources like HTML documents. Basically, it is the foundation of the World Wide Web. Http helps in the loading of web pages with the help of hypertext links. The primary use of HTTP is collaboration, distribution etc. It is the main source of transferring the data to WWW. The data such as Images, Audio, Video, Text, Presentation etc. transferred to www via http.

HTTP and HTML both were invented alongside. There is a request method which is used by http so that it was accomplished various kind of tasks. In easy words, we can say it is an intermediator, which assists in building a connection between various resources over the web. So that it can transfer the hypertext from the client-side to the server-side. But if you do not know http full form, then you cannot completely understand the process of work. Below we will tell you full form of http.

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What is Http Request?

Http request is a type of communication between the web browser and the hypertext protocols. Mainly the web browser sends a request to http protocol for sending the information required to load any website. Basically, an HTTP request carries this information:

Http request

  • Version type of Http
  • URL
  • HTTP Method
  • Request header
  • HTTP Body (Optional)

Let’s read out briefly what is http full form and why it is used and how HTTP request works.

Http Full Form

HTTP is said to be the foundation of the World Wide Web (www). http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The main reason behind designing the HTTP was to accomplish the information transfer task between two networked devices. Even all the basic data communication is done by HTTP. HTTP is called request and response protocol. The inventor is Tim Berner. Hypertext is coded with the assistant of some kind of coding language named Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTTP works as an intermediator between the web server and web browser. Even, it helps to establish a connection between both of them.

Is Http Secure?

No, Http is not a secure connection. The reason behind unsecured http is that the requests sent to the host by http are in plain text form. Anything, which users enter in the search bar with http will be sent to the host in plain text form. Which means the data is at risk. The data entered in such websites can be hacked easily.

HTTP Secure

For example, if you enter your credit or debit card details into an unsecured website. Your information is not safe at all. Because hackers having a watch over the website session track the data transferring over Http.

What is Https/What is Full Form of Https?

Do not get confused between Http and Https. Https is a secure version of Http. Because Http is not secure, so https keeps your data secure. Https full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Over a computer network https gives the surety of secure communication. Https gives an indicator to the web browser to secure the traffic. After getting the indication via Https, the web browser protects the traffic with a layer of SSL/TLS. It ensures that data remains secure over the network. Especially, while the data is transferring over the local networks such as Wi-Fi. Moreover, HTTPS performs data encryption between server and client. Hope now you are aware of Https full form as well.

What is the Difference between Http and Https? 

Basic Difference Http Https
Full Form Hypertext Transfer Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
Safety http is not secure https is fully secure
URL URL starts with “http://” It starts with “https://”
Port Number Uses Port Number 80 For Communication Used Port Number 443 For Communication
Way of Working Operates at application layer Operates at transport layer
Method of Data Transfer Transfers data in plain text Transfers data in encrypt text
Speed Fast Slow

Http Advantages:

Below we have listed the advantages of HTTP. Have a look at them:

  • HTTP can be smoothly implemented with other protocols presented on the internet
  • There is no need to close the existing connection because the error can be reported without network termination.
  • There are fewer simultaneous connection with http, so CPU and memory usage are very low
  • Congestion of the network is very low because http have TCP connections

Http Disadvantages:

Below we have listed the disadvantages of http. Have a look on them:

  • Since HTTP does not make use of encrypted connections like https does. So it is not secure at all
  • As compare to HTTPS, it requires more power to build communication between the web browser and server. Because it does not have SSL certification.
  • Https is not well optimized for mobile devices
  • Moreover, data is not secure over the internet


What is http full form?

The full form of http is Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

What is https full form?

The full form of https is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Is Http Secure?

No, HTTP is not secure.

Is Https Secure?

Yes, Https is not secure.

What are the features of HTTP?

  • Simple
  • Customized
  • Connectionless
  • Stateless

What is Hypertext?

It is Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

What is full form of http in computer language?

The full form of http in computer language is Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

What is http protocol?

Http protocols help in transferring hypertext between two computers.

How Http works?

Http works as an intermedia web browser and the web server. Moreover, it transfers the requested data between both of them.


In this article we have learned about Http Full Form, http meaning in computer language, Full form of https, Difference between HTTP and https, and many more. Hope this article would help you in knowing the full form of http.

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