Raikar Case: The Raikar Case Season 2 Release Date, Story

Raikar Case: The Raikar Case Season 2 Release Date, Story

All About The Raikar Case:

Have you guys seen raiker case season 1? If yes, then probably you guys will be waiting for the raikar case season 2 release date to be announced. Season 2 of the raikar case can be seen super soon on the screens. We will provide you all the important information regarding the raikar case cast, the raikar case release date, the raikar case web series, the raikar case review, and many more. So, keep reading the article up to the end. We ensure that the article is very interesting. You would not get bored while reading this article. So let’s get back to the topic.

As you all are aware of the pandemic situation going on currently in the whole world. Everyone is sitting at their home. All the theatres are closed.  Even you can not go out to enjoy in the park. So, makers of raiker have decided to bring the entertainment material for you. So that you all can enjoy yourself freely at home. The raikar case season 2 is going to release very soon on Voot. Hope it can take away all of your boredom and make you feel happy.

History of The Raikar Case:

Voot is considered one of the best online streaming platforms. The platform gains so much popularity with the release of raikar season 1. Raikar case web series is a crime thriller-based story. Season 1 was very suspenseful which is why the audience is eagerly waiting for raikar case season 2. No doubt the raikar case story is very interesting. Once you started watching episode 1, you can not resist watching all the episodes. Even some people have completed watching all of the episodes in a single night. We can say, it is one of the best series which you can watch during the boring times of lockdown.

raikar case

The web series is based on a real-life story. There are so many turns and twists in the whole web series. But as usual, according to the director and producer, one season is not enough to present the whole story in front of an audience. That is why it becomes essential to shoot season 2 as well. Last year, season 1 of this web series was released in 2020. There were so many assumptions regarding raikar 2 release date. Fans were assuming that it will release in April 2021. But the shoots of season 2 were postponed due to lockdown in the country.

Story of The Raikar Case:

The raikar case story is very interesting. As already explained it is a complete thriller web series. All the story creation and writing credits goes to Karmanya Ahuja, Chinmay Mandlekar, Bijesh Jayarajan, and Anitha Nair. The raikar case cast has amazingly done their task to relive the characters. The raikar case cast is very hard working. In season 1 the story was revolving around the raikar family. The family was staying in Goa. One of the members of this family got murdered. The theme of the series is to find out the murderer of a character named “Tarun Raikar”. It was told to the police that Tarun has killed himself. In fact, it was declared a suicide case. But the fact is, he was killed by one of his family members.

There are chances that the family is trying to hide something. They are trying to keep it secret. The police are also investigating the case. But the main culprit is still unknown in season1. That is why the audience is eagerly waiting for part 2 to be released very soon. The audience wants to know the name of the actual murderer. Let’s see, how police will catch the culprit in season 2.

raikar case season 2

All about The Raikar Case Cast:

Cast Name In The Series
Cherry Mardia Trupti Naik Raikar
Ashish Mahale Sawant
Saloni Khanna Mini
Prakash Ramchandani Jagdish Apte
Manava Naik Anandi Apte
Vaishnavi Kadam Manika Apte
Rushad Rana Hansal Mehra
Mohit Chauhan Vinayak Naik Raikar
Atul Kulkarni Yashwant Naik Raikar
Ashwini Bhave Sakshi Naik Raikar
Parul Gulati Stasha Naik Raikar
Neil Bhoopalam John Pereira
Reena Wadhwa Lily D’Silva Naik Raikar
Kunal Karan Kapoor Mohit Naik Raikar
Ajay Purkar Rajshree Rane
Lalit Prabhakar Eklavya Ranr
Honey Kambhoj Tarun Naik Raikar
Palak Purswani Preety Pingle


What is raikar case season 2 release date?

Its release date is assumed to be in January 2022.

Is raikar case web series cast finalized?

Yes, the cast is already finalized.

Is raikar chapter 2 release date and time announced?

No, raikar chapter 2 release date and time are not announced yet.

How many episodes will be there in the raikar case season 2?

Season one was with 7 episodes in total. So, if we compare it with season 1, there can be 7 to 8 episodes.


If you do not have much time to read the complete article then you can just read the conclusion part. Here we will explain in short all the information which we have mentioned above in detail. So, we have discussed in this article a web series named “raikar case”. Season 1 of this webs series is already released on voot. That was so much interesting. That is why the audience wants to know about raikar case season 2 release date. We have updated all the information regarding the release date and cast as well. However, it is not confirmed by the creator.

So, if you are also waiting for part 2, keep in touch with us. We will keep updating the information regarding this. Till then you can enjoy watching the raikar case season 1.

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