PDFBear: 5 Useful Features for Work from Home

PDFBear: 5 Useful Features for Work from Home

As we are all still facing a pandemic, many offices have implemented work from home for their employees. Work from home can help in lessening the spread of the virus and protecting employees from catching it. The pandemic is basically a war against something we can’t see, it’s better to always take precautions and do proper social distancing. 

Now, with work from home, it’s good to be knowledgeable about different file formats that you can use for work. As a worker or employee, you’ll be dealing with tons of PDF files for your work requirements. So, we’re here to help you out by introducing PDFBear, which is an awesome online tool that you can use for your work-related documents. Read on to find out more!

Awesome PDFBear functions

Word to PDF

One function of PDFBear is its ability to convert Word to PDF. You’ll be writing a lot of Word files for work, and the problem with this file type is with its formatting. When you send a Word file to your boss, supervisor, or colleague, the overall look or format of the document will most likely differ from how it was originally made. The reason for this is that Word processors vary on different devices. The best solution is to convert the Word file to a PDF document so that your file will look exactly the same when you send it. This also applies when printing Word files. The printed document may look different from the original file, so printing documents in PDF format is the best way to go.

Merge PDF

Working with your colleagues or teammates will mean being assigned to different tasks or topics for a project. When presenting or submitting the project to your boss or supervisor, compiling different PDF files is best done when they are merged into one big file. Sending or presenting different PDF files will not only be time-consuming but can also be such a hassle. Downloading different PDF files won’t make it easier for the recipient, so it’s better to just merge all the PDF files into one.

PDF to Excel

Whether it’s for a record or keeping track of something for your office, your best bet is Excel or Spreadsheets. But since most people prefer PDF documents, you will most likely receive files in that format. For you to edit or change the file, you can use the nifty PDF to Excel function on PDFBear. The process is quick and easy so you can automatically make any needed edits or add details once the conversion is done.

Split PDF

When you need to extract pages from a PDF file, you will find the split PDF function of PDFBear useful. Sometimes, you will deal with PDF documents that you have to share with colleagues or other partners. But sometimes the PDF documents contain information or pages that you cannot disclose to just anyone. With the split PDF function of PDFBear, you can easily extract specific pages and make them into a new document. Now you can share a newly-split PDF file to anyone without worrying about certain information that shouldn’t be exposed.

Compress PDF

Sometimes, PDF files come in a large size. When you’re trying to save some hard disk space, compressing PDF files is a brilliant solution. Sending or sharing compressed PDF files is also much easier because they won’t take too long to upload. So you’re saving yourself the time and hassle and also making it easier for your recipient to download or save.

The wonders of PDFBear

The five useful features of PDFBear we’ve mentioned are just very few. There are so many more things you can do with PDFBear aside from the ones you’ve read above. You don’t need to make an account to subscribe to anything before you can access their features. It’s also good to know that the PDFBear website looks clean so everything is easily navigable. You won’t have a hard time finding the exact tools you need for your PDF file needs. It’s simple, just select the files and upload them to the website, then choose what you want to do with them. It’s as easy as that! Try it out for yourself, you’ll surely make the most out of it.

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