4 Quick PDF Edits You Can Do Online For Efficiency

4 Quick PDF Edits You Can Do Online For Efficiency

We are living in a world where almost all office processes can be done online. With significant advances in technology and Internet coverage all over the world, office work can now be done remotely. In fact, in this time of the pandemic, most employees and workers are encouraged to work at home to prevent and curb the virus’s spread. 

For most administrative employees who deal with PDF editing daily, separate, third-party software for PDF editing is a must. But recreating your setup in the office to what you have at home may prove more stressful than originally expected, so having the initiative to switch PDF edits into online, browser-based tools is a smart and efficient move. What can you do with these tools exactly? In this article, we’ve collated some of the most prominent ones:

Convert PDF

PDF conversion is arguably one of the most popular PDF edits that are done all over the world. A portable document format, or PDF, is fairly uneditable, that’s why converting it to other editable file extensions is helpful in creating a file that can easily be manipulated. When converting to PDF, the original file extension to which the resulting PDF file is taken is highly considered. So how can you convert from Word to PDF

That’s quite easier than one would think. With browser-based PDF applications like PDFBear, you only need to choose the specific online tool that corresponds to your task at hand. For example, if you want to convert Word to PDF, click on the Word to PDF Converter. Next, upload the file you want to convert, press the Convert button, wait for the resulting file to finish, then download it! It’s as easy as 1,2,3 really!

There are quite a several PDF conversions you can do with browser-based PDF applications. You can convert to and from MS Office-based formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can even convert JPG files to PDF and vice versa. Some websites even offer HTML to PDF conversions. 

Remember, you need to assess which online browser-based PDF application most suits your needs. This will streamline your workflow in more ways than one. There’s also the matter of OCR technology when converting PDF to other formats. Optical Character Recognition is important in order for elements from a PDF file to transfer as text and image to a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. Most online PDF repositories offer this feature, but you have to pay for it. 

Merge PDF

Merging several PDF files into one can be trickier than you imagine if you haven’t done it yet. Especially if you are doing it on a standalone PDF application! In online, web-based PDF applications though, you just need to upload the files in question, choose the merge tool and wait for the resulting file to download. PDFBear’s Merge PDF tool can combine several files into one.

Split PDF

Splitting a PDF seems and sounds like a simple task to do, which, mostly, is true. But there’s also the part that you need to know exactly where to split the document file in order to make it work. With PDFBear’s Split PDF tool, you can highlight the page where you want one file to end and another one to start. This is very useful for larger files, so you don’t have to manually put in the page number.

Repair PDF

A damaged or corrupted file can be frustrating to deal with. You have two options when the PDF you downloaded turned out to be broken. The first one is to ask for a resend from the original sender, which won’t ensure that the file you’ll receive won’t be corrupted again; the second option is to repair it yourself. The latter is more encouraged as it will probably be more effective. You just have to upload the corrupted file to PDFBear’s Repair PDF tool, then press the Repair button—and voila, you have a brand new file!


There you have it. These are just some top PDF edits you can do with online PDF tools like PDFBear. Word of advice for the uninitiated: bookmark the site and include it in the folder where you keep your office resources. This way, you can easily access the site when you need it the most.

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