Movie Maker Online: Create and Edit 4k Videos Easily

Movie Maker Online: Create and Edit 4k Videos Easily

Quality videos will win your content more viewers. Today, many online users can access devices with high display capabilities, pushing the limits of the content they want to watch. Your audience will abandon your content after a few seconds when quality becomes an issue. Therefore, you can consider 4K videos that have exceptional quality.

Shooting in 4K allows you to stabilize your footage during editing due to its extra resolution. The 4K resolution holds incredible nuances and details and extends improved sharpness, presenting excellent image clarity in a video. But to ensure your audience keeps watch, make your video relevant to their needs. Check out the steps below and learn how to quickly create and edit 4K videos.

Steps to Create and Edit 4K Videos

Have Objectives for Your 4K Video

You should have clear goals to create engaging 4K videos. Being aware of why you want to create a video gives you a creative direction for the video. When seeking to promote brand awareness, you can think of a 4K video that breaks taboos and makes your audience understand what your product does for them.

Do you want to show your audience how to use your products? You can create a how-to video. However, you should plan your video before shooting any footage. Ensure to understand your audience in mind to create content that meets their needs.

What do you want to film? Is it a fashion shoot, a music video, a product demo, or a commercial Video? A good plan helps create a quality 4K video to achieve your objectives. Besides quality, a plan will help determine where to show your content. While a 4K video is ideal for big screens, you can show it online. Some social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok allow you to post 4K videos where your audience can enjoy a better viewing experience.

Understand Your Audience’s Pain Points

Apart from entertainment, many viewers come to watch online to look for solutions. If you are creating marketing videos, you need to understand customers’ pain points before shooting your video. Creating content that solves your audiences’ pain points helps make your video relevant. Viewers are not attracted to anything that does not appeal to them.

You can conduct a survey and understand what your customers want regarding your products or services. When you have an idea of their pain points, it gives you a better direction to create amazing 4K videos that settle their queries. Knowing your audience and their pain points also are good for creating attention-grabbing content targeting a specific group.

Get the Right Equipment to Create 4K Videos.

Every video you create should be high quality to attract viewers and keep them interested. The quality of your 4K video depends on the equipment you use. But you do not have to spend a huge budget on the big cameras since 4K cameras are available at a lower price than when 4K technology was introduced. You can use the latest smartphones for your 4K video creation. Such gadgets have 4K inbuilt capabilities.

A 4K video comes with a bigger resolution and huge file size, which means you require good size storage to transfer a massive number of data like larger 4K video frames. Before you begin editing, storage should be a key concern. You can work with solid-state drivers (SSDs) instead of the hard-disk drivers (HDDs) since the SSDA accelerates storage access while maximizing the 4K video editing process.

Shooting 4K Video

Before you begin shooting, you should set your camera to shoot a 4K video. Depending on the camera you are using, go to the setting menu and then the video system. Once there, go to the video recording quality and size section to select 4K shooting. You can also select your video’s frame rate.

Many cameras record provides 4K Video shooting at 24 to 25 frames per second, which is greater in giving your video a film-like look. However, you are free to slow your footage post-production, which requires you to shoot your footage at a 50 or 60-frame rate per second.

Quadruple resolution is among the benefits you’ll enjoy shooting in 4K. The high resolution allows you to zoom in cleanly because you have a greater source video to work with. In addition, 4K is perfect for eliminating jumps from your video and cutting close-ups.

Choose Your 4K Video Editing Software.

A quality 4K video needs proper editing. If you do poor work when editing, the final result becomes a poor-quality video, which discourages watching. When considering a 4K video editing software, choose a tool with a steep learning curve, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface to craft your video within a few minutes.

Getting a video editor with many features is also essential to turning your wild video imaginations into reality. You can always use a movie maker online video editing tool for profuse functions and managing your 4K video editing process.

Begin Editing Your 4K Video

If you are using a movie maker online video editor, you do not have to register or download anything to create a 4K video. Click on the video editor, and once the project panel appears, input your project name and give it a location. You can then select the 4K resolution and frame rates to produce a quality video.

Your next step is to import your 4K footage to the editor’s media library. After having all your files in the library, you can begin splitting and doing rough cuts to your clips. Just drag the target clips to the video track, and you will start the process. Makes sure to preview your video and identify points with its start and end. Mark those points and use split and remove tools to eliminate the unwanted sections.

Don’t forget to add transitions to your 4K video. Other things you can include in your video are titles and effects. Color grading is also among the essential video tips you should never forget. Using your video editor, choose clips and get color & filters to adjust exposure, contrast, temperature, and hue, making your video look super.

Your 4K video requires good background audio. You may drag it from your editing tool or audio file and sync it with your video. Make sure to be creative in editing your audio. Once you are done, you can export your video for use.


You can transform your 4K footage into a great video through the video tips above. Make sure you understand your audience, get the right equipment and shoot in 4K. Choose the right video editor to trim your footage when you have quality footage. Then add transitions and background music to make your video attention-grabbing, and your video will be ready for export.

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