Mobile Phone Monitoring Software for Employees

Mobile Phone Monitoring Software for Employees

Are you looking for the best mobile phone monitoring software to keep your employees under surveillance? We have reviewed the most popular and commonly used employee monitoring software to help beginners pick up the best software for mobile tracking. From the spy aps rightly available in the spy market, TheOneSpy can be recommended to entrepreneurs to remotely supervise the activities of their workers with ease. The mobile phone monitoring software is particularly developed for business owners and managers to prevent workers from unproductive activities and to boost their efficiency. Read on to know more about the mobile phone monitoring software for employees.

Most Advanced Mobile Phone Monitoring Software

The selection of an appropriate employee monitoring app is of great importance. While selecting a mobile spy software make sure it possesses high-tech features to let you monitor online and offline activities performed on the device. The top-notch android mobile phone monitoring apps like TheOneSpy and mSpy lets you control and manage mobile devices without physical access. These apps offer all advanced features which are crucial to monitor employees inside and outside the workstation.

How Mobile Phone Monitoring Software Helps Monitor Employees

Once you install the mobile phone tracking software on the company-owned cell phone devices, you can remotely monitor and control that device without physical access. The monitoring app lets you know what your workers are doing during the working hours. Given are the features the monitoring software that helps explain how TheOneSpy and similar spy software help monitor employees.

Monitor Employees’ Chat

The mobile phone tracking app lets you monitor employees’ conversation to prevent them from unproductive gossips, harassments and bad-mouthing. The app automatically syncs incoming and outgoing messages containing text and media. You can also supervise conversations made via instant messengers including WhatsApp, Line, IMO, Viber, Snapchat and Hangout.

Monitor Employees’ Social Media Use

Social media plays a significant role in creating brand awareness and providing customer support services. However, the misuse of these social platforms can cause heavy financial and goodwill loss to the business. The displeased workers head towards social media platforms to defame the company, depress workers and customers. The mobile monitoring app enables employers to monitor social media usage of workers. It allows supervising use of Facebook, Tumblr and many other commonly used social media apps.

Monitor Surroundings

While the majority of the businesses use surveillance cameras to monitor the surroundings of employees, the advanced technology has overwhelmed this camera technology. The android spy app lets you operate camera and mic of employees’ devices. You can turn on camera and microphone of the monitored devices via web portal and can see what is happening around. You can take photos, videos and record voices to capture what your workers do and say.

Monitor Phone Calls

The tracking software for employee monitoring lets you manage the call center and marketing staff. It records phone calls received and made via monitored. The recorded calls get uploaded to the web portal of the spy app. It also provides contact detail of the caller and recipient. The high-tech tracking software allows blocking incoming calls from unwanted contacts.

Track GPS Location

The tracking software lets you track a phone GPS location of traveling workers including marketing and sales staff. It helps ensure your workers are on the assigned route and not involved in unproductive acts. By signing into the web portal of the phone tracker app, you can know the current GPS location of your workers and can see location history to stay updated about every visit of your travelling staff. The spy app also lets you mark several locations to be notified of your worker’s entrance and exit from those locations.

Record Real-Time Activities

The android spy app enables employers to record real-time cell phone activities of workers with screen recording feature. You can send a command via web portal to start screen recording on the monitored device.

Track Passwords & Credentials

The Mobile phone tracking app for employee monitoring lets you detect passwords, usernames and email addresses. You can use this information to closely watch out activities performed through official online accounts of the company.

The phone tracking software to keep track of employees’ cell phone activities also offers many other features to monitor and boost employee productivity.

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