5 Proven Ways To Design Your Office Waiting Room

5 Proven Ways To Design Your Office Waiting Room

A lot goes into designing every room in your office. The waiting room is where customers wait from before getting their issues handled. Regardless of the type of office, your waiting room requires thoughtful planning especially with the choice of furniture.  The ideal waiting room should be welcoming and relaxing to ensure that customers don’t mind the minute spent waiting. Here are proven tips to put in mind when designing a waiting room.

Nature of customers

Choice of waiting room furniture should consider who would use it. This requires understanding your potential customers and their demographics. Customers who usually use waiting chairs include seniors, children, or corporate clients. Determining this depends on the kind of services or products your office offers. The furniture you choose should match your décor and lighting. This will ensure that your waiting room matches the overall vibe of the customers waiting.

Comfortable seating

This is the benchmark when looking for waiting room furniture. Customers can understand that you are busy and will have to wait. However, they will not be happy when you let them sit on uncomfortable seating. It is very important to invest in quality waiting room furniture to allow customers to sit comfortably as they wait for you to handle their issue. Sitting comfortably eliminates any doubts some customers might be having regarding your services.

When looking for office furniture in Singapore quality and comfort are very important. Since people have different comfort requirements, ensure to offer a range of furniture options in the waiting room including chairs and couches. These should match your office aesthetic without compromising comfort that your customers will appreciate. You will have time to work on the client you are seeing without worrying that those in the waiting room might get frustrated.

Lighting matters

The ideal waiting room should always be welcoming everyone. This requires picking the right lighting fixtures. The light should not be blinding or too bright. Consider soft glowing light for being more inviting in your waiting room. Bright light is distracting and irritating to the eyes making customers in the waiting room unease. Your choice of light in the waiting room should match the service you offer.

Perhaps you are a doctor. Your waiting room should have soft light being comfortable to put patients who come for a checkup at ease. A corporate office needs brighter light. It is very important to mind that the customers waiting will feel. Perhaps you are looking forward to comforting light or want them to get excited and ready for the meeting ahead.

Mind your Decor

The waiting room is one of those places where the customer first encounters your business. Therefore, ensure that is welcoming and looking appealing with some unique décor. Place some artwork to make customers feel at home while giving your waiting room a warm feel. Organization of your waiting room will portray your creativeness while expressing your style to the world.

You can add mirrors to make the waiting room seem more spacious. A good idea is to enlist the service of professional interior designers to help you out. These will recommend appropriate items and fixtures that will enhance the look of your waiting room. Setting up the waiting room will become more interesting backed by well-chosen quality furniture.

You can also place a red sea aquarium in your office waiting room, you will have a positive psychological impact as it helps in relieving stress and rid anxiety which is very important when we have a lot of work pressure.

Add reading material

Making the ideal waiting room doesn’t end with investing in quality furniture. Ensure to offer some reading materials for your clients. Some people enjoy browsing through their phones while waiting. However, others will appreciate reading some curated magazines to help them pass time. ensure to offer reading material that appeals to your audience.

Reflecting on your people likely to end up in your waiting room is very important. Kids usually prefer reading storybooks and family magazines while business people will love editions of business magazines and newspapers. Install a flat-screen TV in the waiting room for customers who are not interested in reading.

Available space

Organizing your waiting room requires efficient use of available space. This determines the quantity of furniture, decoration, and light fixtures. You have to ensure that all fittings and fixtures in your waiting room match the space available. This will prevent your waiting room from looking overcrowded and unappealing.

The ideal waiting furniture should match your space without making it seem crumpled. Additionally, your waiting room furniture should match the existing décor and fixtures in your home. This will make customers feel comfortable while waiting for their turn to meet you. Waiting room furniture comes in various designs and sizes to choose furniture that will match the available space.


The ideal waiting room should reflect your profession. Ensure to get quality waiting room furniture from a reliable supplier. This should have a range of office furniture to make it easy for you to choose the most appropriate furniture to match your needs.

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