Luxury Watch Gifts For The Person Who Has It All

Luxury Watch Gifts For The Person Who Has It All

Admit it: if you know someone that seems to have it all, getting them a Christmas gift can be a headscratcher, especially when you don’t have the money to splurge! But that doesn’t mean you can’t give them something that they don’t have, even with just the right amount of dough. Although, if you have the pockets to spoil them, then, the better.

So let’s say you do have the budget but still is finding it hard to give them something. Well, something’s amiss. Fret not: the spirit of Christmas always comes through as we’ve collated the best luxury watches that you can get the person who’s challenging to shop for. Ready your wallets because when we say luxury, we mean luxury:

Omega Seamaster

Famous as James Bond’s default watch, the Seamaster from the stalwart watchmaker Omega is a diver’s watch wonder. It’s a beautiful watch, that’s a given, but its beauty is more than skin-deep. Under the hood, you get an inhouse caliber movement that’s updated to fit with the most strict standards, plus you get an option for her as well – couple luxury watches!

The Omega Seamaster is equipped with water resistance depending on the line – the Diver 300 and Seamaster 300 having the standard 300m resistance, while Aqua Terra has 150m, and the Ploprof models have 1200m. Getting more than 300m of water-resistance is kind of an overkill, as most people won’t be diving that deep, so stick with the Aqua Terra instead.

The Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5

Most people won’t consider the Apple Watch as a luxury watch, but with the reinvented Series 5, you now get different case material options, and therein lies the difference between the person who can afford to have an Apple Watch and the person who can afford anything they want. Anything other than the titanium and ceramic case is a no-no.

Get the titanium option when you’re buying for someone brusque and masculine and refined, and choose the white ceramic option for the gentler and more sophisticated person in your life. Make sure they use an iPhone, of course, but if you’re feeling particularly generous, and want to impress, get them the new iPhone 11 Pros alongside. After all, it’s Christmas!

IWC Ingenieur Titanium

This watch is him watch. Black, menacingly handsome, and in a class of its own, the Perpetual Calendar model is the representation of masculine beauty. To say that it’s a good-looking watch is doing it a disservice. The Ingenieur line is perfect for everyday wear as it can withstand magnetism for at least 16 times more than the average Swiss watch.

In its latest iteration, the Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month in titanium boasts of an 89801 inhouse movement, an automatic movement with self-winding capabilities. The movement also features a 68-hour power reserve. Which is a generous helping when you’re out and about for the weekend and decided to get the Rolex out.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 2019

The new and improved Sea-Dweller is still one of the best diver’s watches on the planet. Now equipped with an 18ct yellow gold addition to the company’s proprietary Oystersteel. This is a watch that can get any room full of watch aficionados talking. It’s an impressive watch, and with Rolex’s top of the inhouse line movement, it’s a killer.

Rolex did not hold back with the Sea-Dweller. Boasting of waterproofing capabilities for up to 1220m, the combination of oyster case and helium escape valve makes the feat possible. Although the Omega Planet Ocean has the record in having the deepest dive. Rolex has the integrity in pioneering the movement. So it all boils down to personal preference.



Luxury timepieces aren’t just image boosters, they’re also pieces of wearable art, just like haute couture gowns are. They’re the highest representation of human craftsmanship. They also to be able to wear one is a privilege as it is an honor. Although you have to pay loads of money for that. Either way, these watches as Christmas gifts will certainly impress.

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