7 Reasons You are Losing Your Instagram Followers And Start Getting Them

7 Reasons You are Losing Your Instagram Followers And Start Getting Them

Seeing your Instagram following drop is certainly not a pleasant sight, especially, if you are an influencer or a business profile on Instagram. Instagram, in a way, impacts your living and losing your audience can really pinch you.

But before we move on to citing reason on why you are losing Instagram followers, you need to know that it is completely fine if you’re losing out on followers. Not that you can sit carefree expecting to get back on wheels on itself, but it is a result of a few things you are doing wrong that can be corrected. On that note, let’s begin.

1. Your Content is Not As Per Your Audience’s Expectations

Well, you could be posting the best of content, but if it is not resonating with your audience, there’s no way you will see results – not today, not ever. This usually happens when you have not been sticking to a unified theme, which is of utmost importance. You see, your audience has a perception about you and expects something in that tangent and so if you fail to abide by that, it will result in a loss of followers.

2. Follow/Unfollow Method is Applied To Your Profile

You know, everyone is a fanatic of a huge number of followers, and follower-following ratio. One way they achieve this feat is by following a huge number of people at a time, expecting a follow back, and then unfollowing them after some time. So, again, you don’t need to bother about them. However, it might turn out to be useful sometimes but when a large number of accounts do it together, it turns spammy.

3. Getting Limited by Instagram

This again is not a pleasant place to be in but as users, sometimes we tend to do stuff that is not appreciated by Instagram, like getting a fake following, copy-pasting some generic comments over and over again, and other spammy practices.

There are times we sneak off Instagram’s notice but sometimes, unfortunately, our account gets banned, and the visibility and reach are limited, which causes a drop in our following. However, if you still don’t abide by Instagram policies, the next thing on the line is: you following won’t be able to view your post, naturally making them press unfollow.

If you are not aware of the Instagram algorithm, here’s a content piece by Hootsuite explaining all your doubts. Even you can buy Instagram followers online.

4. Your Posting Schedule Has Problems

If you are not consistent with your posting regime, you will lose out on your followers. However, being consistent does not imply that you must post three times a day. You can be consistent with just one post a week as well. You need to achieve the thin line of too little and too much. Keep interacting with your audience, but also, do not annoy them.

5. Your Captions are Not Interesting

If your captions are boring then irrespective of how creative your photo/video is, it immediately turns-off the viewer. And trust me, it is not a tough job to craft entertaining captions. In fact, all you need to do is, put in that extra effort. Entertain your audience, add call-to-actions, use emoticons – all in all. Also add thought to your captions to get those initial 50 Instagram views on the posts.

People genuinely like reading interesting captions. If you loosen out your caption game, it wouldn’t be long when they turn so boring and stale that people tend to unfollow you.

6. Instagram is Just Business For You

It might be true, but your Instagram profile can’t reflect that. Being too sales-y will shut down the prospects almost immediately. I understand that your primary motive for using Instagram is to reach out to people and promote your business. But, who likes to be sold to ALL. THE. TIME?

People open Instagram for recreational and entertainment purposes but wouldn’t mind some-selling in between unless the former purpose is served. Thus, don’t sell the products instead sell the lifestyle around it – and the buyers for your products will automatically follow.

Satisfy the content needs of your audience and in the midst let the word out about your product – a win-win for both of you!

Now that you are aware of the top 7 reasons that might be the major reason why you are losing out on followers – STOP doing these right away! Happy Instagramming.

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