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Who is Jyoti Mehta?

You must have heard about mastermind Harshad Mehta. Jyoti Mehta is the wife of Harshad Mehta. They both have a son, whose name is atur Mehta. The main reason why jyoti Mehta is famous is just because she is harshad Mehta wife. Harshad was an investor, businessman, and stockbroker. They both tie the note with each other at a very young age. Jyoti Mehta stood by him in every happy to a difficult situation. She was a housewife.

jyoti mehta

Their life changed in 1992, as they stuck into a big problem. CBI arrested harshad because he was involved in a misappropriating money case in the year 1992. His involvement in the 1992 Indian Securities Scam made him disreputable. Moreover, in total 27 crook allegations were brought against Mehta. Even Harshad Mehta son, atur Mehta was a toddler at that time. In 2021 he left atur and jyoti alone because he died due to a sudden heart attack in 2001. From here the life changed of harshad Mehta wife.

Jyoti Mehta Biography

Jyoti harshad Mehta is a famous personality over the internet. People search this name immediately after coming to about harshad’s scam. That is why she is famous similar to a celebrity. However, she is famous due to the things done by her husband. After the death of her husband she look after her family and took all the responsibilities. After all, they had a son named aatur harshad mehta. According to the rumors, after the death of her husband, she moved in with the in-laws. Her in-laws were Rasilaben Mehta and Shantilal Mehta.

However, after harshad mehta’s jail, she started involved in legal matters. Her only motive was to achieve the money over which she has the right. That is why, she tried her best because she has to look after the family and harshad mehta son. Moreover, both harshad mehta wife and harshad mehta son find it better to make distance from social media. That is why nobody knows about the house of harshad mehta. If you are curious to know more about harshad Mehta son (aatur harshad mehta), harshad mehta wife (Jyoti mehta), jyoti mehta age, jyoti mehta net worth, harshad mehta wife photo, harshad mehta family photos, and many more interesting things, keep reading.

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Jyoti Mehta Wikipedia:

Real Name Jyoti Harshad Mehta
Nick Name Jyoti
Profession Homemaker
Religion Gujarati (Jain)
Age 61 Years(Approx.)
Birth Place Somewhere in India
Nationality Indian
Hometown Gujarat
School Unknown
Hair Colour Black
Eye Color Black
Favorite Food Gujarati
Parents Unknown
Height 5 Feet 3 Inches (Approx)
Husband Harshad Shantilal Mehta
Net Worth About 1.3 crores as of 2021(approx.)

All about Aatur Harshad Mehta:

Jyoti got married to harshad at a very young age. Both of them were very happy in their lives. Their life was running smoothly. However, even after 3-4 years of marriage, they did not have any children. But fortunately, after 5 years of their marriage, they became parents of a little price. Whom they name Aatur Mehta. Who is now known as aatur harshad mehta.

Somehow their life was going so happy, one day harshad gets involved in a share market scam. That day changed the life of jyoti mehta harshad mehta. Just because harshad was in jail, aatur and Jyoti were all alone. One day harshad passed away due to a heart attack. It was the saddest day for both harshad mehta wife and harshad mehta son.

Harshad Mehta

Jyoti Mehta Educational Qualifications

Let’s talk about harshad mehta’s wife Educational Qualifications. She completed her primary education at a local school in Gujarat. She was good at her studies. Jyoti was a brilliant student. After completing her schooling she took admitted into a local college. She pursued her graduation classes from this college.

After completing graduation she got married. As we already told that jyoti got married at a very young age. During the starting years of her marriage, she was a housewife. Her school and college details are still unknown to us. But once we come to know about these details we will update here.

Jyoti Mehta’s Life Journey after Husband’s Death

After harshad mehta death the life of jyoti mehta changed completely. To spend life become more difficult for her as there was the responsibility of in-laws and aatur harshad Mehta on her shoulder. Being a woman it’s very difficult to raise a child along with family members. Moreover, she was not a working lady. Jyoti was a homemaker. So, can have an idea from here, how difficult her life would be after her husband’s demise.

However, after harshad mehta went to criminal custody, she has to involve in the legal battles. No doubt, she tried her best to gain the money which was entitled to her husband.


Who was Harshad Mehta?

Harshad was an investor, businessman, and stockbroker. CBI arrested Harshad because he was involved in a misappropriating money case in the year 1992. His involvement in the 1992 Indian Securities Scam made him disreputable. Moreover, in total 27 crook allegations were brought against Mehta.

Who is Jyoti Mehta?

You must have heard about mastermind Harshad Mehta. Jyoti Mehta is wife of Harshad Mehta.

How much is Jyoti Mehta age?

The age of Jyoti Mehta is 61 Years (Approx).

Is there any information of harshad Mehta children?

Yes, harshad and jyoti have a son.

Who is the son of Jyoti harshad Mehta?

The son of jyoti harshad mehta is aatur harshad mehta.

 Is there any of harshad mehta wife photo?

Yes, of course there are some harshad Mehta family photo, we have attached them in the middle of the above article. You can see by scrolling up.

Was the news of harshad mehta wife death real?

Not at all, those were the rumours spread by some wrong social channels. We request you to not believe on them. She is alive and spending her life with family and son aatur harshad mehta.

Where is harshad mehta family now?  

According to some reports, jyoti and their son both has left India a long time ago. They want to keep their life private. Just because to avoid media, they moved to the US.


Today in this we have discussed about jyoti mehta (wife of harshad mehta). We have covered all the topics related to her such as age, son aatur mehta, education, income and many more. We have tried our best to explain jyoti mehta biography. In case we got more new information related to her, we will surely update it here. Stay in touch.

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