How to Effectively Look for New Clients Online

How to Effectively Look for New Clients Online

As a freelancer, you are always looking for the next gig. Scrolling for hours online is tedious and doesn’t always yield the best results. There are tons of techniques that can help you find great clients online, and weed out the bad ones.

If you are looking to build up your workload and expand your network, here is how to effectively look for new clients online.

Start With Your Network

You may have a larger professional network than you think. When you start to dive in, you can find some fantastic opportunities.

A great way to effectively look for new clients online is to start on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to see what your network is up to.

Maybe a professional colleague posts that their friend is looking for help with a project. That project may be perfect for you, and now you have a personal connection to that potential client.

Having a personal introduction to a new client can usually lead to a great relationship and hopefully create more work in the future. You can also alert your network that you are open to more projects. When you let people know you are looking for work, the new clients may just come right to you rather than searching for them across the internet.

Join Groups on Social Media

If you prefer other social platforms to conduct business besides LinkedIn, make sure to join some groups. There are groups on Facebook for every hobby and profession.

When you join these groups, people may post job listings or just be seeking advice. These groups can also help you answer questions you may have. For example, maybe you don’t know how much to charge as a freelancer, a group would be a great place to find this helpful guide that can answer your questions.

Either way, you will have more opportunities to talk to like-minded people in a social group. Knowing more people in your field of work can lead you to new clients. And it can be fun to see what other people in your field are up to.

Cold Emailing

While it may not feel effective, cold emailing potential clients can open up many doors for you and your business. You can find the emails of potential clients online.

The trick to cold emailing is setting aside dedicated chunks of time for these pitches. Think of them as another task in your business. Going in with cold pitches can lead you to new clients that you may not have found before.

Follow and Engage

If you are looking for clients online, you can use Twitter and Instagram to aid in your search. On Twitter, you can follow potential clients that you’re interested in working with. This way they’ll start to learn about you and your business.

If you prefer Instagram, you can follow and DM potential clients. This allows you to open up conversations with people that you want to work with. You can also do this to make it easy for potential clients to see your past work. If you do visually interesting work you can consider using your Instagram page as a portfolio. When you DM someone they can easily click on your profile and see examples of your work.

Job Boards

Job boards are a place where you can not only apply to jobs but chat with potential clients. The key to effectively using a job board is to filter the jobs to your strengths. You can also filter out opportunities by compensation and level of experience the client is looking for. Then when it comes time to apply, make sure you do so confidently and allow the client to really get to know you.

Even if you don’t get a job you apply for, you can continue communication with that company and create relationships. In the future, this company may come back and work with you. Opportunities come in all shapes and forms, so continue to build your relationships for your business and your future.


Finding new clients online doesn’t have to be a waste of time. You can create a strong network using the internet. Make sure that you work smarter and put your best foot forward online. Foster relationships and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and you will be able to find amazing clients online.

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