Inpage Download- Free Download Inpage Urdu Software

Inpage Download- Free Download Inpage Urdu Software

What is Inpage?

Inpage is a language software. It works as a word processor for various languages such as Urdu, Hindi, English, Arabic, etc. Inpage Urdu software is very smart software with advanced features. If you want to write something in Urdu then go for inpage Urdu software download. Urdu Inpage software was developed in 1994. The primary use of the software was to create the documents in Urdu language. You can easily type in English as it uses an English-style keyboard and then it will automatically convert into Urdu. People who are already experts in Urdu, inpage urdu download have professional variants of it.

The software is widely used in computers and laptops where people want to create documents in Urdu. Inpage software is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers. This is one of the reliable Urdu software available in the market. If you compare the software with Inpage 2016 and Inpage 2017, you will see a lot of updates in the current version.

Features of Inpage Free Download 2021

Inpage Urdu writing software comes with huge features. There is a wide range of addition in the software such as it contains Muhammadi Quranic and over 65 high-end Naskh fonts. Using this software you can smoothly write Arabic, Urdu, Farsi languages by just typing it into English. Using this software it’s very comfy to add images into the document in which you are typing into Urdu. The best and most loved feature of inpage software is spell-checking. It will automatically correct the word if you have types it wrong. It has the ability to check the grammar of over 7 languages. Here are some other Inpage 2021 features:

  • You can add pictures and images in the document to make it more user-friendly.
  • The software is user-friendly and very easy to use.
  • Even the software has its own keyboard, but you can easily add other third-party keyboards.
  • If somehow you lost the data while using the inpage Urdu software, it has the ability to retrieve it back within few seconds.
  • You can crop the images which you have inserted into the document with the help of the software itself.
  • There is a built-in inpage dictionary that will assist you more in understanding the language.
  • Very light-weighted software. The software can be easily installed in your system without troubling other applications.
  • Inpage latest version comes with a translator, which works the same as google translator.

System Requirements for Inpage Download

If you are planning to download inpage, read the system requirements for it. Here are few requirements of the software which makes it super easy to download into the system. Read them carefully:

  • There should be at least 128 MB RAM.
  • For the complete setup, 54 MB space is required.
  • Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Intel / AMD Pentium III or IV CPU required.
  • Dedicated or built-in 32 or 64 MB Graphics cards are enough.

Technical Details of Inpage Latest Version

  • Name of the Software- Inpage
  • Size- 32.8MB
  • Language Supported- 4-5 Languages
  • License- Commercial/Freeware

Download Urdu InPage free software for Windows. It is fully compatible with PCs and word processors.

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