How to Prepare for Class 9 Math Olympiad

How to Prepare for Class 9 Math Olympiad

Mathematics is usually referred to as a subject where an individual finds himself/herself entangled with the games of numbers and the tricks that are required to unravel the mysteries.  The Math Olympiad is one such place where the students get to experience and exercise a wide plethora of knowledge and intellect in order to solve the tricks that the numbers play with us. Apart from this, these Olympiads also help the student in experiencing the taste of the competitive examinations that they might sit for in the near future. This not just helps the student in developing and polishing their skills in regards to the subject, but it also proves effective in boosting the confidence of the class 9 student. All these when added together will definitely prove beneficial in the future endeavors of the candidates. And therefore, it is very important that the teachers and the parents shower the student with their support, and encourage the student to sit for these examinations. 

The middle school years are considered the most stressful phase in a student’s life, where they are to deal with unnecessary pressures falling on them from all directions. In such a critical situation, these Olympiads come as a sigh of relief, as they help the student to approach his/her academics from a holistic perspective. Apart from this, the syllabus for the class 9 Math Olympiad usually encompasses the topics that are a part of the class academic syllabus. In this way, not only does the student get to work and look at these topics in a different lift, but also attains the adequate practice that will prove as a bonus in scoring good grades in the class 9 examination.

The usual topics that get asked in these examinations revolve around number systems, algebraic expression, linear equations, triangles, and quadrilaterals, etc. therefore, it is very important for the student to be thorough and well versed with these topics before they sit for any such examinations. It goes without saying that having the concepts at their fingertips will help them score well in the examination.  

In order to do well in the Olympiad, it becomes evident that the student needs to follow certain routines and suggestions. Here are some tips, that may prove helpful in making you the next Math Olympiad King/queen: 


The first and most prominent thing that a student should follow and devise for themselves is the routine. They are advised to allow some time daily in devoting to the practice of the Math Olympiad. This will not only help the student in learning the value of time management, but in addition, it will also give them enough time and resources to revise and touch upon the important areas before entering the examination hall.


Along with following the routine, it is also important for the student to make neat, organized, and point-wise notes for each chapter. For a subject such as Math, it is always advised that the student should cultivate the habit of making a flowchart while studying. This will help them get a better outlook on the concepts and topics they go through. Moreover, it will bring itself to be a useful source of reference before the examination when the student needs to revise the important areas.  


Mathematics offers theories and formulas that are important for the student to memorize in order to give the right answers. And so, it is important that the student be thorough with one chapter before moving to the other chapter. Practicing all the sums from the exercise book will help the student remember the important areas. Apart from this, reading the chapters and understanding the concepts thoroughly will also help the student develop their own tactics and ideas in solving a particular problem. 


In order to attain the utmost perfection, it is advised that the student get their hands on the best study materials available for the preparation of the Math Olympiad. This will help the student to broaden their perspective and achieve the in-depth knowledge that is very crucial to fare well in these examinations. Once the student is done with the reading and practicing of the chapters that these study materials entail, it is important for the student to work on the previous year’s question papers from Class 9 IMO Question Paper 2012. This will help them evaluate how far they have come with their practice. Along with this, it will also aid in the understanding of how the questions usually get asked in the examination.


One very important step that any aspirant needs to follow is to get assistance from someone experienced and knowledgeable in this field. It can be your school teacher, the coaching teacher, or a previous year participant. Getting adequate guidance will prove to be of immense help as it widens the perspective and helps get in touch with experience. With the right people to guide you, the path that you hope to follow becomes easier and effortless. 


It becomes inevitable thus that each student to attain excellence is undeniably advised to practice the exercises present in these exercise books on a regular basis. The various formulas and theories require extensive and repeated practice and dedication. Doing so will not only help the student in increasing their writing speed which will give them enough time to revise their paper in the examination hall, but in addition to this, it also helps in the boosting in the level of confidence in every student, as without confidence one proceeds to write the wrong answer even while knowing the right answer. 

Following these simple yet effective rules will prove very effective for the students not only for the upcoming examinations but also for their future prospects. But apart from these, it is also important to remember and follow a healthy lifestyle along with having adequate physical exercise. This will help the mind to refresh and get rid of the dullness that nonstop studying may render.

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